Know How to Bypass PDF Permissions Password for Copy, Edit & Print

Do you want to remove permission password from Adobe PDF? If, yes then, this technical guide is very helpful for those who want to bypass PDF permissions password. To do this, you just read this blog carefully.

Everyone add a password to PDF file in Adobe Reader to make it safe and secure. However, at times, the situation occurs the user wants to unlock secured PDF. Thus, they start searching for a simple and reliable method which can crack PDF permission password. Here, in this blog, we will discuss the best two approaches that will help to bypass PDF security password in an absolute way.

Top 2 Techniques to Crack or Remove PDF Permission Password

There are two methods by which users can easily unlock PDF password protected. Follow the below steps to accomplish the task:

Method 1: DataHelp PDF Unlocker Tool

Through this tool, users can remove/unlock PDF permission password without entering the password. Besides, it is capable enough to eliminate all security from PDF documents. It also helps to remove PDF signing restriction so that users can simply sign their PDF file. Moreover, it allows previewing permissions of portable (PDF) file.

Here are a few steps to bypass PDF permissions password:

  • Download and install DataHelp PDF Password Remover Software on your machine
  • Click Unlock button and a pop-up window Unlock PDF File appears. Select the Browse button to deliver the source path of a file that can be unlocked.
  • Choose PDF from the storage location and next, click the Open button.
  • Once the file is loaded, the software shows the restrictions present in the current Document.
  • Now, a new decrypted PDF file is created after removing PDF document restrictions. Select the destination path to save the decrypted copy of PDF file, navigate to the Browse button next to the destination box.
  • Browse the specific location properly where unlocked files are stored. If folder or destination path does not exist, instead of Make New Folder option
  • Hit on Unlock PDF button to start the process of unlocking and to remove pdf permission password
  • A message appears when the PDF file gets unlocked successfully. Press OK button to proceed further.
  • The software shows a comparison of file restrictions before and after unlocking a PDF document.

After following the above steps the user has successfully bypass PDF permissions password.

Method 2: Using ApowerPDF Tool

When using ApowerPDF tool, users try to unlock PDF permission password. But, initially, the software requires the user to enter the Permission Password.
Now, if the user knows the permission password & wants to remove it permanently they can follow these simple steps:

  • Launch ApowerPDF tool on your desktop
  • Navigate to the File menu and choose Open option
  • Next, you can attach a secured PDF document
  • Click on Protection and select Remove Security option
  • After that, a message “Current file is protected, Please enter a Permission Password” appears.

Then, you need to enter the valid password to remove password security of PDF.

To use this method it is necessary that the user must know the PDF permission password. But, if in case the user forgets the password of that document, in that case, take the help of DataHelp PDF Unlocker tool, as discussed in the above section. With this application, you can easily remove or bypass PDF permissions password from PDF document.

Pricing of DataHelp and ApowerPDF Tool

After going through the complete working steps of these tools mentioned above, we will discuss the possible price of both applications. The cost price of DataHelp PDF Unlocker tool is $29 and ApowerPDF tool is $59. So, DataHelp PDF Unlocker is better than ApowerPDF tool as per the pricing and its rich-feature to unlock PDF permission password.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes the user may forget the permissions password so they cannot perform actions like copy, print, edit on a secured PDF. Thus, in this blog, we have suggested two techniques that will help to bypass PDF permissions password. Along with this, we have covered the complete working steps of the tool along with its pricing. So, you can try any approach to remove PDF permission password & restrictions as per your convenience.

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