Keeping Anxiety under Control: Adopting Appropriate Anxiety Treatment

With life running at a rapid pace, most cannot keep up with the going times. This also puts a lot of pressure on the mental and physical health of many. Stress and anxiety are common things today, and nearly everyone is suffering from them.

Though they are not clearly visible initially, they can cause serious ill-effects on one’s health. So it is not at all advisable to ignore the early symptoms. While anxiety starts with minor problems, it can go further to the disorders which are being revised by the researchers continuously.

Anxiety in the recent times

The world has been bearing the brunt of the deadly virus for the past year. This has taken a toll on the mental health of many. For many people, the uncertainty that surrounds the coronavirus is very tough to handle.

The situation keeps getting worse, and people having no idea of the extent to which things can go wrong, the dread and panic in the air are so much overwhelming. With the news filled with the havoc created by the deadly virus, people couldn’t get this out of their heads.

The pandemic worsened the situation pushing a large number of people into the quagmire of anxiety and stress.

What triggers anxiety?

Anxiety is not something that can happen overnight like a common cold. It has relation with the years of experience. Sometimes, it may not have even real causes. But with the studies going on, there is something you need to know.

To deal with anxiety, you must have to know the reasons that may trigger it. Some of them are the following:

  • Biological causes include disruption in brain chemistry, alterations in the activity of the brain.
  • Genetics can also be a possible cause.
  • There are medical factors at play too. Some medical conditions can worsen anxiety disorders.
  • Previous experiences (particularly traumatic) in life.

How to Treat Anxiety?

What can be done to prevent this, it is an important question that arises. Anxiety treatment in Singapore is something that is need of the hour today.

It can’t remain the elephant in the room any longer. Treating anxiety depends a lot on the type of person who has it according to the lifestyles, habits, and much more factors.


The moment you realize that you are getting anxious and are developing symptoms, you can try to manage it without any specific medical assistance.

The thing that is talked about here is self-treatment. It can prove beneficial in the initial stages. Some of the techniques and exercises you can perform to keep the anxiety in control are the following:

  • Keep an eye on the stress levels by observing the pressure your body is taking relating to work deadlines. Don’t make your to-do lists daunting and take regular breaks from professional obligations.
  • Relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, deep-breathing exercises, or a simple relaxing long bath can help.
  • Doing mental exercises to prevent the influx of negative thoughts and to summon positivity to the mind.
  • Talk to a friend, family member, or anyone whom you trust and who is supportive. This can help you vent out your thoughts and keep anxiety at bay.


If the self-treatment methods are not beneficial, or the anxiety kept getting worse over time, you can take the help of therapy and psychological counseling. This mainly includes psychotherapy like CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) or sometimes a blend of counseling with it to get better results.

Therapy sessions push you to introspect and know the possible triggers, thus helping you find the appropriate coping mechanism.


Many anxiety disorders can be treated with the help of medicines. The drugs help your body to control the physical and mental symptoms. The classes of drugs that can be used for treatment are tricyclics, benzodiazepines, and anti-depressants.

If you are suffering from anxiety or anyone you know is, keep in mind that you are not alone and there are many like you rowing in the same boat. Don’t suppress the feelings that you face, share them with someone and ask for help at the right time.

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