How To Use Graphic Design For Your Business

What is the main goal of graphic design? With the help of graphics, even a three-year-old Japanese toddler can easily understand a German grandmother.

The packaging of food in your refrigerator, signs on the streets, posters, flyers and the design of your favourite Facebook public – all this was done by graphic designers. Every day we see hundreds of advertisements, branded products and visual communication elements.

Graphic design is a broad concept that affects almost all areas of our life, both in the real and in the digital world. Let’s take a look at all the importance of graphic design.

Way to convey information

Signboards and signs

These communication tools are needed for a person to orientate themselves in unfamiliar territory or to understand what actions are expected of them in a particular situation. Sometimes the words contain all the necessary information, then the designer’s task is to make the inscription easy to read and pleasing to the eye.

Often, words are accompanied by pictures: this is necessary to structure different messages when it is difficult to navigate them. A person will take a look at the picture much faster than reading a few sentences. And sometimes the visual language becomes the only possible way of communication: signs at airports, at international conferences and in tourist places are always supplemented with images.

Signs, plaques and short instructions surround us everywhere and help us to live in peace. We perceive a lot of information unconsciously – this is the work of graphic designers, which often goes unnoticed.

Presentation design and infographics

Let’s move on to the products of visual communication with which we interact consciously. Tables, charts, infographics and presentations are needed to structure a large amount of information. While listening to an interesting speaker or reading the instructions for the washing machine, we concentrate. Therefore, the design of these materials can be more detailed than a street sign.

The task of the designer when developing an infographic or presentation is to make the language of pictures simple and understandable.

The layout of books, magazines and web pages

There is also a design without pictures. When you read a good book, you may not even know how many hours the designer spent on the layout. Using the right fonts, line spacing, margins, and word hyphenation help your eyes feel less tired.

Marketing tool

At the mention of Apple, a bitten apple pops up in front of our eyes, and remembering Starbucks, we imagine a green logo. Graphic design serves to promote brand awareness and market promotion. It is a great marketing tool.

Every serious company has a logo. However, the concept of corporate identity is much broader: it is a set of colours, fonts, patterns and rules for their combination with each other. A whole range of graphic elements helps to maintain the brand image.

A good corporate identity is developed for at least five years if the company plans to live long. Therefore, such graphics are less influenced by trends than advertising or web design.

The corporate identity design is usually presented in the brand book format. This is a quick start guide showing acceptable and unacceptable logo uses, harmonious colour combinations, font pairs, and other guidelines. Also, in brand books, the design of the main media is presented – it can have specific features depending on the required shape or size.

What do the logo and corporate identity give? Web design specialists from Sydney claim that a good logo and brand identity can create a positive brand image in the minds of consumers, employees and partners. Secondly, they will allow you to align all branded products and simplify current design tasks.

Four ways in which design impacts business

1. The design looks professional and modern, the user trusts the site

Most digital product sites are professional. Otherwise, the user will immediately close an outdated site without a mobile version, without even examining the content.

2. Design Brings Conversion

The design works. If the information is conveniently structured, the user will understand the benefits of the product, and it is easy for him to make a decision. Sometimes it is enough to update and write the information on the site in human language to significantly increase the conversion.

3. Design sets the company apart from competitors and is memorable

The site can be as unconventional as possible. Therefore, it will stand out and be remembered against the background of competitors.

4. Brand Design

In order for a site to rise, all elements must be subordinate to positioning that allows you to build a strong brand in the long term.

To form positioning at the top level, you need to answer the question: what does the brand say in general and for whom?


Not all companies need a memorable design. If you stand out from the competition with a product or brand, your site can be simple and modern. In a competitive market, design helps you stand out from the crowd. This will definitely increase the conversion of the site.

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