5 Amazing Custom Engraved Gift Ideas for Your Co-workers

One of the most appreciated ways to celebrate an achievement or recognize a colleague among your co-workers – aside from cash – is presenting them with an engraved remembrance item to honor their accomplishment as well as their commitment to the workplace.

The permanence of an engraved gift item lets the recipient know how much you appreciate their efforts while conveying a sense of trust and bonding that few other recognition gifts can match.

If you want to honor your co-workers or employees with an engraved item, there are many options available, from affordable to a bit extravagant. Many engravers allow customers to design engraved gift orders entirely online. The buyer receives proof via email before the item is made and then it is shipped directly to the buyer. If you need to know more, you can visit the site.

Here are four amazing custom-engraved gift ideas for you to consider when you want to honor a co-worker or colleague with something special and one-of-a-kind:

1. Personalized Plaque in Wood, Metal, Stone, Glass, or Acrylic

Personalized plaque

A personalized plaque on the office wall that recognizes an achievement or milestone – or several of them collected over time – helps to define the room while subtly suggesting the importance, experience and accomplishments of the room’s occupant.

Engraved plaques are an affordable, elegant way of noting personal and professional achievements. Many materials can be crafted into a handsome engraved plaque. Woods of all types, grains and colors, from traditional oak or maple to exotic imports such as mahogany or teak are available for gift-givers. Brass plates attached to a wood plaque are popular, as are other metals. Eccentric types can find iron plaques if they desire.

Plaques can also be made from a variety of stones, including granite or marble. Glass plaques are becoming more and more popular and the availability of acrylic materials, which come in a rainbow of colors and can be fashioned and engraved in new and exciting shapes, has expanded the options.

2. Nameplate For Desk or Door as an Engraved Gift Idea

Who doesn’t flash a wide smile of having arrived when presented with a nameplate for their desk or door?

A nameplate on a desk or door signifies permanence and acceptance and that the recipient has the trust and respect of his or her co-workers.

3. Custom Medals


There’s no one who doesn’t love a medal, one of the most meaningful rewards that symbolize honor and achievement. Custom medals are not only exquisitely engraved and commemorative gifts, but also the cost of customization is more favorable. Customize the specific incentive medals for your co-workers and employees to commemorate their achievements and express their recognition with unique designs, custom shapes, and patterns.

4. Trophy or Similar Award

Some gift-givers prefer to bestow a trophy or similar award on a staffer in recognition of outstanding work.

Depending on the accomplishment or the seriousness of the achievement, a trophy or similar award with a different-from-usual or more modern look may be the most appropriate. (Think: a boat-shaped award for meeting the sales quota in an island community.)

5. Custom Business Cards

Business Card

Business cards, while not etched in stone or bronze, can be customized with color and the person’s name and other information etched in raised letters onto the card.

It’s a nice touch – one person can actually feel when they are handed an engraved business card – that exudes sophistication and professionalism without saying a word.

Engraved plaques make a statement

No matter which engraved gift ideas you decide on – an engraved plaque, nameplate, trophy, business card, or something else – you can rest assured that the recipient will appreciate any engraved gift and the sentiment behind the gesture.

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