How to Look for a Good and Reliable Car Mechanic

Your car is a precious property and you need to maintain the same by a reliable mechanic. Just like how you look for a good doctor whenever someone is sick in your family you should also look for a good, reliable and expert car mechanic. Finding a car mechanic is not a child’s play. You have to do proper research before taking your car to a mechanic.  To choose the best car mechanic, you need to check their certification, license, authorizations and customer reviews.

#1. Look for Certified and Affiliated Mechanics

Good car mechanics carry some sort of certification. These certifications give an idea about the mechanic and his/her specialties. It is also not necessary that those who have passed the exam will give you the best service.

There are some car mechanics who have years of experience and they can easily solve complicated issues of any car model. So always check their certifications along with their experience level before hiring.

#2. Ask around your Circle

Ask people in your circle who have cars. They must have gone to some car mechanic. Ask them about the service they got. They must know some good mechanics to whom they take their car regularly. Most of the highly skilled car mechanics don’t have time for marketing. They mostly rely on verbal advertisement done by their customers.

#3. Go Online

Search online for good and reliable car mechanics. Have a look at their reviews and ratings. Have a look on their charges and turnaround time. Remember that the prices will vary according to the place, cars, and shops.

A good car mechanic will be able to give you a detailed quote that will be needed to repair your car along with the charges for spare parts needed. They must provide you genuine spare parts with a limited warranty, and you should check the terms and conditions of their warranty policy.

#4. Check out Nearby Shops

Go and have an inspection of the car repair shops nearby you. Look for workshops that are clean and work is going on in order and everyone is busy with their work.

If the workshop is full of cars being worked out then it’s a good thing. Check for commercial vehicles like a taxi, vans, etc. in the workshop. Their presence indicates that it a good and economic workshop.

#5. Ask Questions

Before you hire a car mechanic to ask all the doubts you have. It is always better to ask a question. Remember you should get value for your money. You can ask the mechanic questions about his experience, do they offer any guarantee or warranty, does the mechanic has certifications, do they use genuine parts, or can you provide the parts, do they repair all types of cars, what are their charges and payment policies, etc.

#6. Start with Small Tasks

It is the best way to know about the work procedure and service of a car mechanic. Start with giving them small tasks such as oil change, brake check-up, etc. You will get an idea about the service of the car mechanic. Build a relationship with the car mechanic and clear all your doubts until you feel comfortable. A good car mechanic will always tell you the exact problem of your car and you can also guide you about the preventions of such problems.

These were some tips and tricks to find out a good and reliable car mechanic for your car. Once you find a good car mechanic try to build a relationship with him/her. You can tell your friends and people in your circle about the mechanic.

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