How to go about product liability claim? (Consumer and Manufacturer)

You bought a latest electronic equipment to help you with housekeeping, but you got electrocuted and suffered severe injuries?

Post immediate medical help, what should be your first action? To throw the equipment out of the window and get a new one?

No, you should immediately file a product liability claim against the company selling it or manufacturing it. Immediately consult a personal injury lawyer in Shreveport.

What is a product liability claim?

When a person gets injured or suffers severe damage because of using a particular product, they have the right to file a product liability claim. To hold your claim valid, you should have an actual; injury or should have suffered monetary loss.

Types of product liability claims?

Manufacturing Defects:

If the product you used has some fabrication defects and you got hurt upon using it. The claim alleges that the design of the product was safe, but the product became unsafe to use after it got manufactured.

Design Defects:

When a product is inherently dangerous, in a manner the design was defective and pose a severe threat when used; it makes for a product liability claim. The plaintiff will have to prove the connection between the design of the product and the injury.

No Disclaimer:

Manufacturer or sellers are under obligation to mention adequate warning and instructions, even if they are apparent to other users. They should make it transparent that how using it in a certain way might be dangerous or how combining it with other product might have side-effects. For example, a hazardous chemical that comes without instructions and safety measures.

Do you manage a business? Comply with industry standards to prevent any product liability lawsuit:

  • If you run a business of manufacturing products, your priority should be to safeguard yourself from any potential product liability claims. To make sure that your products comply with the industry standards and are safe to use, the designers and manufacturers have to be cautious from the very beginning, i.e., development and production. The following points can help you stay away from a legal hassle:
  • Risk management should be ensured the right from product designing. You will have to check if upon using that product, is the consumer prone to any hazard? The product should have instruction on “how to use” and what all caution should the person take. The language should be understandable internationally; if it is meant to be sold on a global scale else, it would be comprehended by cultures.
  • Keep a record of all the essential documents that establish that your products meet all the regulatory requirements like the quality check documents, specifications, etc.
  • You should make it easy for the consumer to be able to share their feedback about the product. It will help you identify the problem areas that you can resolve before it gets recalled or results in negative publicity.

If you or someone you know had to suffer because of a faulty product, immediately consult personal injury lawyer in Shreveport. They will help navigate smoothly throughout the legal proceeding and will make sure that if the claim goes to trial, you have a strong argument and get the just compensation for your damage and loss. Call today for a free consultation with one of their proficient lawyer.

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