How to Decide a Color Motif for Your Wedding?

One of the most important planning steps for your wedding is choosing the color motif for your wedding. If the wedding packages normally intimidate you, don’t be afraid of the process. Many experts in Manila can certainly assist you in choosing the perfect motif. Always make sure to speak up your mind and heart when consulting an expert. Here are some ideas on how to decide a color motif for your wedding:


Each color has a certain mood that pertains to a specific emotion. The language of flowers is the most popular example of choosing a color based on your emotion or mood. Starting with red, which is commonly associated with passion. You may opt to pick colors from the red spectrum such as brick reds to oxblood red.

For the color orange, the warmth of this shade is inviting and approachable. Choose from apricot oranges to beautiful shades of ginger. Yellow is friendly and bright. It expresses happiness and optimism. Shades like ambers, golds, and butterscotch are great colors that don’t overpower the venue.

Green is a good soothing color to pick as a motif. Chartreuse and seafoam green are both colors that can easily complement other colors. Blue is one of the most sincere and calm colors that is a popular choice for couples. Commonly used blue shades are baby blue and sky blue.

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Seasons are also great to consider when choosing colors. All year round you can gather inspiration from nature and the weather. In the colder months, cooler tones will compliment both the weather and the wedding theme the bride and groom chose. If you choose to have your wedding during the holiday season, white and rich reds will fit the holidays quite well without overshadowing the wedding.

Love is always in the air, especially in February. Light pastels don’t usually fit the love month. Think about passion in the love month. Bold colors like a deep bold pink and royal purples will perfectly fit the month’s theme.

For March choose blooming colors that give off a floral vibe for the start of the warmer, hot summer nights. Bright and colorful colors will surely add a pop of color to the contrast between light and airy wedding dresses. Months through September to November are an absolute fit for the ardent and heartwarming ambiance of warm, orange and golden tones.

Zodiac Signs

Zodiac signs may be one of the cliché choices however, they’re the most fun to do because of the choices of the textures, colors, and props is a surefire way to bring out the personality of the bride and groom.

Earth signs such as the Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn can use neutral tones with earthy textures such as wood and natural mineral crystals. Fire signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius can benefit from dramatic colors like royal purples and flaming reds.

Water signs can show their personality off by incorporating flowy and soft visuals. Colors such as corals, rosy tones and teals can really fit water signs that have a “go with the flow” personality.

Super Hero Style

The age of superhero movies is rising and more fans are drawn to incorporating a superhero theme. The wedding can still be elegant even if you add the heart and colors of your favorite superhero. The plethora of superheroes to choose from, such as DC Comics and Marvel Comics presents a wide set of colors and unique decorations to add and enhance your wedding.

If you’re a fan of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, get inspiration from her home, Themyscira, a paradise hidden. Golds, silvers and bronze can transport attendees to another world combined with the perfect destination.

An Asgardian wedding is for those who want an extra pop of color. Think of the rainbow bridge as your new aisle. Approach the wedding as a beautiful fantasy world amongst the Norse gods. Thor would be jealous.

Travel to Atlantis with your Aquaman theme. Think of sea greens, ocean blues and colorful sunsets for your beach themed or underwater themed Aquaman wedding. Be sure to accessorize with faux colorful corals and starfish to fully immerse your attendees in another world as you take your vows.

Key Takeaway

Weddings are one of the most special events you can experience. Be sure to carefully research and choose the perfect color motif for you. Wedding packages for Manila residents should not be a stressful experience. Choosing the right color and theme for your wedding is crucial as these memories will last forever, so don’t be afraid to speak your mind and think out of the box. Your perfect color motif is just a few steps away if you follow and keep in mind these simple yet effective ideas.

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