How To Choose The Best Concrete Polishing Pads?

A good concrete finish is a must if you are looking for a seamless interior and exterior. Whether its wall or the flooring finished concrete looks glossy and stylish. concrete polishing pads play a key role in this type of construction. Masons majorly use the diamond polishing pads for polishing concretes.

Since there are several options and choices in the market, the question boils down to choosing the best one. Let’s unfold how to¬†choose the best concrete polishing pads for your need.

What Are Concrete Polishing Pads?

As evident from the name, these polishing pads are used to polish concrete surfaces like countertop and floor. They leave the surface polished and shining, thereby giving it a perfect finish. These polishing pads give concrete the required finish to improve its look.

How To Choose The Best Polishing Pads?

Well, if you search online about the polishing pads, then you will find that diamond concrete pads are a popular choice. They are sturdy, long-lasting, and are more effective. But, again, there are several variations in the same. Let’s see how you can choose the best polishing pads for your requirement.

  • Size Of The Pads: One of the first parameters that you need to consider is the size of pads. You have the option of choosing the large diameter pad, which is of 7 inches; these are stable and lay flat on surfaces which give a perfect finish. Then you have the 3-4 inches pads which are less stable. You can use this blade for processing the edges and narrow sections of the concrete floors. If you have hard stone flooring, then you must go ahead with 5 inches concrete polishing pads.
  • Colour Of Pads: If your screen through the polishing pads available in the market, you find various colors of the same. These colors define the aggressiveness of the polishing pads. For example, Beige, off-white, white- these are used for brushing and cleaning for aggressive work, darker pads which are thicker are used.  green or blue-colored pads are used for basic scrubbing. red or pink-colored pads are used for slow speed buffing.
  • Thickness: If you are looking for long-lasting and durable pads, then you must go ahead with the thicker pads. The thin pads are flexible and are a better choice when it comes to polishing the surfaces.
  • Quality: another factor that you need to consider while choosing the pads is that you must check the quality. For example, when it comes to choosing the diamond pads, then you cannot easily decipher the quality, but in this case, you can go ahead with the pads having more number of diamonds.
  • Binder:  You would have often noticed encapsulation on the diamond, this plays a key role in enhancing the effectiveness of the pads, so make sure that you check the binder before purchasing the pads.
  • Grit: while selecting the diamond polishing pads, you would have seen the grit.  You must choose the right type of grit to ensure that you get the right result. The grit on the pads may range between 50 to 3000 grits; the lower grit means the coarse pad. For example, if you want scratches, then you can go ahead with the pads having 50grits. For removing the wax buildup, you need to use the pad with 200 grits. For a more polished finish, you need to move to a higher grit.


With all these pointers in mind, you will be able to make the right decision in buying concrete polishing pads. There are a number of variants of the same, but you must invest in buying only quality polishing pads to get effective results.

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