How to be a Good Friend: 10 Tips to Keep in Mind

When we are young, we do not value too much having a good friend because we have the feeling that we have too many. However, when we mature, friendship relationships change. Having a good friend or being one of them is not as simple as labeling someone with the acronym “APS” (Friends Forever).

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Having good friends is very important to be happier, that’s why we have compiled 10 signs that identify a good friend:

1. Giving emotional support is probably the most important element of any adult friendship relationship. Best friends avoid unnecessary criticism of each and tend not to judge.

2. A best friend will listen and respond carefully to what you have said, even if what is said directly affects him or her. The ability to listen to what the other is saying is one of the most important parts of these friendship relationships.

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3. You can know who are really friends when you have to move or move to the airport to catch a plane. The best friends will go for the people who care, this makes both parties feel good.

4. Consideration is a great quality that deepens and strengthens any friendship relationship. Being able to see the needs of the other person and doing what you can to cover that need is a unifying experience.

5. Trust is another important factor in personal relationships of friendship. When you know you can phone a friend any day of the week and at any time, that makes you feel better and your confidence grows in each other.

6. The best friends accept you as you are. They do not expect perfection from you. When you are not at your best, they will be understanding rather than critical of you. When you have a bad day, someone who cares about you will ask you if it can help you in some way or leave you alone if it is what you need.

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7. Friends are like therapists, but you can go out and drink with them. A good friend is a therapist, but a true good friend is not someone who encourages you to drink.

8. Your best friend is a mirror that reflects to you who you are to him. Your good things shine, and those parts that need to be improved are not judged but understood.

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9. Sometimes we need a shoulder to cry on, and having a friend with whom to be able to let off steam and feel comfortable doing this is a gift. For some people, it is difficult to cry alone. Having someone who can really let go of your pain is a great help when you are struggling with some difficulty.

10. The best friends cover your back. Knowing that you can trust the other person your well-being, that will make both discover and enjoy new experiences.

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