Here’s Why Having an Open Casket Can Help with the Grieving Process

When it comes to burials, many cultures worldwide choose to go about the process differently. Some people observe the cremation, whereas others bury the deceased in the ground.

Regardless of the sendoff, we do it as a sign of respect to the departed. As such, families must work together when making funeral arrangements to give their loved ones a proper sendoff. However, funeral plans can become quite a challenge when difficult decisions have to be made.

One of the most important decisions that we have to make is choosing between an open or a closed casket. An open casket is a tradition that dates back thousands of years since it allows families one last view of the departed as they pay their respects and say their final goodbyes.

But that’s not the only benefit there is to have an open casket from Titan Casket. Let’s look at a few reasons why open caskets can go a long way in helping the bereaved with the grieving process. 

1. Helps Provide Closure

Having an open casket allows family members and friends a chance to give their loved ones one last goodbye on a more intimate level. This could be of great help if these people were not present when the death happened.  

It is also a great way to comfort the people left behind as it helps them come to terms with the unfortunate even and they can begin the healing process.

2. Gives People a Chance to View the Body on the Funeral Date

Death is more often than not, unexpected. And even when you do expect it, it’s not any easier when it eventually happens. However, if the death is abrupt, travel plans for people located in other countries or cities can prove a tad complex, especially when travel is not particularly encouraged during the pandemic.

With an open casket, people who did not have a chance to see the deceased one last time such as distant relatives, people who traveled from far, or people who could only get a day off on the funeral date can view the body of the deceased.

4. Find Peace in Viewing the Body

Although looking at your loved one’s lifeless body can be traumatizing to some, it can be of great help to others who might have had painful images or memories of the deceased’s last moments.

In order to have an open casket, the body has to be rightly dressed and well presented for viewing. The deceased usually looks peaceful, like they are in some sort of deep sleep, which gives a lot of the remaining family and friends comfort.

Winding It Up 

Open casket viewing is perceived as the most personalized part of any funeral ceremony. It is essential that the body is viewed for the last time before burial or cremation as this allows family and friends during their grieving and mourning process. These types of services have been common ever since, so it would be best to discuss this option with your family so that you can all settle on a choice that will be beneficial to everyone close to the departed.

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