How Can I Improve My Inbound Call Center Productivity?

Customer service is one of the most important components of a company’s success. Indeed, many companies with average products have been able to become industry leaders because of their commitment to providing great prices and exceptional customer service.

After all, have you ever heard of a company having bad customer service and no terrible repercussions for their business? That’s why call centers provide an integral service for the companies they serve. Their only job is to provide top-notch customer support and help solve customer issues.

Even with a call center, it’s possible to become overwhelmed by high call volumes, especially when you don’t have the infrastructure to support the massive wave of incoming calls. Each inbound phone call will either help or hurt your company’s relationship with its customers, and there’s nothing callers hate more than being bounced around until they find the right agent or spend minutes that seem like hours waiting in a call queue.

So, how can you improve your inbound call center’s productivity? Continue reading to get some tips that will help your customer service department provide a better customer experience.

Utilize IVR automation to manage inbound call queues

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As we mentioned previously, one of the thorns in every customer’s side is having to wait for a long time in an inbound call queue. Whether they’re current customers calling for technical support or potential customers calling to make inquiries into some of your products, every second they spend waiting makes you a second closer to losing their business.

Interactive voice response (IVR) software uses automation to manage call queues and handle many queries without the need for human intervention. With AI on your side, your inbound call center can get much more done.

Implement CRM integration to get better customer data insights

Big data has become one of the most popular buzz phrases in recent years, and for a good reason. Information is power, making data the most valuable asset there is. However, many small business owners fail to invest in a business intelligence system capable of delivering the data insights they need.

Your inbound call center can build better relationships with its customers by integrating its customer relationship management (CRM) with its contact center software. CRM integration is simple with Bright Pattern cloud contact center software.

Open more communication channels to provide comprehensive customer service

One of the keys to providing exceptional customer service is being accessible to your customers wherever they are. These days, that means you need to provide as many communication channels as possible because they’re all over the place, or at least all over the digital world.

With live chat and chatbots, your website can initiate communications with customers the moment they land on your website. You can even use social media to forge bonds with potential customers.

Switch to remote working to improve agent productivity

As you know, turnover rates can be high in call centers. However, most of them switched to remote working during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and found that remote working increased productivity and decreased turnover rates. It seems people like working from home, and they can get more done—go figure.

There are many ways you can make your inbound call center more productive, and it starts with implementing the right contact center software. Bright Pattern has been the leading provider of cloud contact center solutions for years because its tools help call centers and customer service representatives be more productive and efficient and provide a better customer experience.

By implementing CRM integration, digital communication channels, social media marketing, IVR, and remote working, your company can become more time- and cost-efficient. Furthermore, your employees will benefit from it as much as your customers. As you can see, the solutions for your call center are many, so are you ready to make the necessary changes?

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