Marketing Automation in the Service of Improving Customer Experience

Customer experience is a crucial element to any business success since, if they are satisfied with what you provide them, you will expand your customer base and deepen the loyalty for your brand. However, to keep track of their interests, take their feedback into account and create a customized experience, you might need some help of marketing automation software.

So, here are some areas in which this kind of software facilitates data collection and management with the aim of ensuring customer experience to be positive. 

Customize content

Although publishing content regularly has become a necessity, in a competitive business world, you need to provide more than just quantity. You cannot expect to reach a great number of people with the same post or a video – they might watch it but it will not call all of them to action. To make them loyal to your brand, you need to engage them with customized content.

In order to know their preferences and hit them with content which will ultimately lead to greater customer experience, you need to employ analytics tools to track their online behavior and what content they like on your social media profile. By giving them customized content, you increase their satisfaction which is how you will make a conversion.

Collect feedback

Your customers’ opinion matters greatly since they can provide useful insight into many areas that can be adapted or completely changed. In this manner, you will improve your products, services, purchase procedure, product descriptions, and many more components and at the same time exhibit your appreciation for their feedback by implementing useful ideas they came up with. 

One of the things that automated solutions can do is to facilitate the process of gathering all that data and make it ready for usage by way of categorization. From that point on, you can learn more about your audience so you can target them more easily as well as create engrossing surveys which will ultimately have an impact on the customer experience. 

Content Strategy

Combine online and offline

Piecing together a realistic picture of your customers’ expectations is only possible if you have all parts, that is, data on both their online and offline satisfaction. Many businesses nowadays disregard the offline and focus solely on the online and even though most businesses have moved online, that doesn’t mean that your customers should have the same, if not better, treatment offline.

To combine this data, when organizing an event, or generally expecting a visitor in the offline, physical world, you can utilize a visitor management app system to make sure that every step of the visit is recorded. It enables visitor tracking, feedback from visitors, customer reports, and even security alerts. In this way, you will ensure you will have analyzable and useful data which will be the basis of any improvement you might make. 

Marketing Automation in the Service of Improving Customer Experience

Perpetuate quality

Your present customer base is at the same time, the foundation of your business and the future of your business. If satisfied with the product and the service, customers will return for more. Not only that, these return customers will be a natural source of word of mouth marketing to bring new customers and in that manner expand that base.

However, in order to achieve this type of loyalty, you have to give something significant back, that is, the quality of both your products, content and your relationship mustn’t dwindle. When it comes to the relationship, in practical terms, this means that you can use marketing automation tools to create customizable follow-ups so you can stay in touch and perhaps offer a better deal to a dedicated customer.

Secure brand ambassadors

In their search for uniqueness in the world of large bland corporations, people have turned to market solutions with offer more human-like touch. Brand ambassadors praise the brand, advertise and use its products and services but their approach feels more intimate than a global TV commercial. There was also a shift in the choice of brand ambassadors and this position is no longer reserved only for celebrities but also for social media influencers.

Your brand needs people who share your values and who have influence over other users since they might entice others to become interested in your products and ultimately, become loyal customers. By using software solutions to monitor social media activities, you will eliminate the guesswork and track brand mentions as well as among a multitude, pinpoint those who are the perfect advocates for your brand.


What is one of the crucial distinctions between a one-time customer and a return customer? Well, their experience with your brand, products and customer service, which, if positive, can make all the difference in customer retention.

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