How a Single Game Room can Improve your Workplace Harmony

If you don’t feel happy with your workplace, consider making some changes. For instance, having a game room can do wonders for your workplace harmony. Having video consoles, table tennis or foosball is a way to get your workers to like you more, to like their job more, and to like their co-workers more.

With a game room, you’ll be able to boost productivity and creativity in the office. You will also make a space for creating stronger bonds among the employees and you will make the work more enjoyable. The benefits of a game room in a workplace are many and here is a list of some of them.

You’ll boost the productivity

Long working hours can be very exhausting and they can easily lead to burnouts. Your employees may work more than they should and in such cases they could lose their concentration and their productivity could decrease.

People working in such a state can’t possibly be good for them or your business. Your main goal shouldn’t just be making money. Besides that, you need to think about the quality of your product.

Not only that, but you also have to think about the conditions your workers are working in and their well-being. If you pay attention to all of these features equally, your business is bound to be successful.

By allowing your employees to take a break, rewind, and relax for a while, you can actually boost their productivity. It may sound weird, but it’s true.

Constantly working can’t be good and the quality of the work done can’t be the same at the beginning of the shift and six hours in.

This is exactly why having a game room in the office is such a good idea. If your employees have the chance to spend some time relaxing, they can do their job more effectively and successfully once they get back from the break.

It’s very important to keep your workers motivated. One of the ways to do so is to show them that they can spend some time de-stressing in the game room. This is especially important if the job they’re doing is exhausting.

They may lose interest after a while since the job isn’t easy and, in such cases, taking a break is the best thing they can do. This also goes for instances when their responsibility in the office is big and they shouldn’t make mistakes.

They shouldn’t make any mistakes caused by fatigue. With a space that is as playful and positive as the game room is, your workers will look forward to coming back to work every day.

Playing games is a particularly good way of relaxing since it is proven to relieve pressure and release serotonin and endorphins. This means that your employees won’t just get more motivated, they will get happier after spending some time in the game room.

Work challenges can sometimes get so serious that your workers will just have to stop for a moment and catch the breath for what follows. Sometimes, 15 minutes of pinball can make wonders and lift the atmosphere in the office.

To make your employees as productive as possible, make sure that they have balanced work and play.

The office will be more fun

When the office is mentioned, people tend to think of a boring place with boring people, where they have to go every day to make a living. The reality doesn’t have to be that grey at all.

Having a career and working on it doesn’t have to be that bad at all. Sometimes, even love and passion for the work you’re doing aren’t enough if your co-workers aren’t as interesting and friendly as they should be.

On the other hand, a fun workplace can make any job bearable and even enjoyable.

For this reason, a game room is a great investment for your office. Your employees won’t think of their workplace as a prison cell, but they will associate it with rather positive experiences and feelings.

The game room will be like a sanctuary where they will be able to de-stress, bond, laugh, and have a genuinely good time. When your employees take a break and deal successfully with an undemanding task, they will definitely get back on the work happier and much more satisfied.

This can be great preparation for their following challenges or it could just be a great way to relax and think of something else rather than charts, numbers, and similar things. Either way, it will lift their mood and make them love their job and their workplace more.

Creativity will be boosted too

After a few hours of constantly working, calculating, writing, or making presentations, the brain will just freeze. If your employees have a lot to deal with, the least you can do for them is make it a bit easier for them.

A simple way to get your workers more creative and clever is by letting them play games. Playing games is very good for your mind. Namely, playing games stimulate the mind and it can provide cognitive insight and discovery.

Playing games is good for your brain because it activates both sides of your brain. The left side is the analytical one, while the right side is the creative one.

With these two activated at the same time, your employees can do wonders. What actually happens when people play games is that their psychological barriers are dropped.

In such a state, there is no censorship of thoughts. This results in the free flow of thoughts that lead to an increase in creativity and innovation.

Another benefit of the game room is that your workers will improve their capacity to adapt and master changing circumstances. This will come in handy if the job is unpredictable or challenging.

A mind used to playing games is more capable of adapting to new situations that the one that doesn’t play games at all. If the job requires innovative solutions, the game room is all your office needs.

You’ll do even more if you combine the benefits of a game room and coffee. Allowing your workers to spend their break playing games, drinking some delicious office coffee and bonding with their colleagues is definitely going to boost productivity and creativity in the office.

Your workplace will immediately become warmer and more homelike and your employees won’t have trouble doing their job in such a positive space.

Your employees won’t sit as much

Sedentary jobs may not seem like that, but they actually are full of dangers. For instance, if you sit throughout your working hours five days a week, you’ll probably suffer from repetitive strain injury, back problems, and headaches.

What’s really shocking is that sedentary jobs can even take 10 years off your life and put you at a greater risk of disease. With so many negative consequences, it’s no wonder that people are looking for ways to spend less time sitting.

People sit too much since the jobs more and more require so. For instance, with the developments in the field of technology came plenty of new job ideas and opportunities, most of which are sedentary.

Looking at screens is also very bad for health and it’s not recommendable. When it comes to problems with sitting for too long, most of them can be solved with a single game room.

When people spend time in the game room moving, they are literally adding years to their life. Their muscles are no longer passive and their minds are free. All of the side effects that sitting for too long has can be reduced in a game room.

For instance, if your employees spend a 10-minute break playing table tennis, they will reduce the side effects of hours sitting down. This is the best way to help save your workers’ health because they are the key component to your business and you should show them how much you value them.

By getting them to move for at least five minutes every hour, you will do so much for them, their work, and your business. All of the downsides of immobility will be reduced.

They will do their job more effectively with a lot more concentration and creativity. Finally, with such hard-working and motivated workers, your business could just bloom more and further develop.

Your workers will bond faster

One of the keys to a successful business is having your workers to create bonds and function together. A positive workplace ambiance is everything.

The team-building activities are so popular because their benefits are really important. Once your workers get to know each other, they’ll be able to create teams and function together more healthily and successfully.

When playing games together, people tend to bond faster. While playing the game, sometimes they are already forced to work as a team but it’s in a fun way.

Since they have lots of opportunities to laugh and have a genuinely good time, they are more likely to get to know each other and start liking what they see. This is a definitely better ground for team-building than some dinners.

Creative and physical play is important because it accelerates human bonding. This is why a game room would be the ideal place for your team to bond. You’ll find that very useful because it has been proven that people are more likely to stay at a job because of the friend they have there than for a high salary. Even clients sometimes pay more attention to the relationship they have with the company, rather than the product or the service.

The game area allows people to distance themselves from the job while remaining in the office. They have the freedom to discuss things that aren’t work-related and they can improve the communication in the office quickly.

If you just think of the introverts working for you, you may see a notice that this would be a great opportunity for them too. They could bond with others while still being in their comfort zone.

The comfort zone is all a game room is about. It’s about creating a sense of community among employees, encouraging collaboration, and making some life-long friendships.

You’ll improve the workplace culture

The workplace should be a place where people come to be good at what they do. If they have other people around them, doing the same thing, they may get more motivated.

With a game room, you could achieve making a friendly competition among your employees. Of course, this should be something serious that would distract them. It should just be challenging enough for people to want to do better. You could include some prize once a month or something similar and get the effect you want to achieve.

With a game room, you’ll introduce laughter to the office. In such surroundings, people tend to get happier, more playful, and more open. Your employees will feel great both physically and emotionally.

They will genuinely enjoy their time in the office. It will all start once they begin to release endorphins which will not only make them happy, but they will also prevent heart disease.

Another benefit of the game room is that you’ll be able to communicate your workplace culture into the world. If you’re looking for some new employees, maybe you won’t have to look for them anymore.

You could just invest in a game room and relax. After that, new talented people may just start showing up at your door. With video consoles, arcade games, foosball, mini-golf, or a golf simulator, you’ll do more than your marketing department.

You will not only attract people, but you will also be able to retain them, especially if you know what demographic you’re going for.


You don’t have to organize team-buildings anymore. You don’t have to look for ways how to improve your workers’ productivity and creativity. You can easily solve these problems and even improve their ability to solve problems with a single game room. If you doubt any of these claims, you can always invest in a game room and see it for yourself.

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