Hotel or Resort – What To Choose For Your Vacations?

Hotel or resort – obviously the choice is tough when it comes to choosing one out of the two while you’re off on your vacation mode. The choice has to be made keeping several factors in mind. The price for both, the location varies for, the ambiance, the aura, and the facilities that both have. 

This can also be confusing when both the resorts and the hotels are the best where you want to spend your vacations. Then how to choose? 

Here is some basic difference between resort and hotel, that will help you make your choice wisely. 

What Is A Resort? 

A resort is an independent place that can accommodate all of your movement in one area. 

What Is A Hotel?

A hotel has several rooms classified into one room set, business suits, and presidential suits and so on and so forth. 

Difference Between A Hotel And Resort

  • The main difference between a resort and a hotel is that a hotel has several rooms, where you can book only one room per couple. Whereas, the resort has a limited number of cottages. These cottages are just like mini-homes for you. 
  • An entire family of four to five members can be accommodated in one resort. You have a kitchen, a lobby, a restroom, washrooms attached with bedrooms, a small dining area, a lounge, and a small cozy balcony/verandah. 
  • You have your own “me time” to spend at a resort. While in a hotel, you have to follow their timings.  
  • There are many recreational activities that can be done at a resort, which you cannot do while staying in a hotel room. Now you can’t just get out and take a stroll in the hotel lobby area if you aren’t feeling sleepy. 


So if you are on a family holiday or weekend getaway, you can choose a nice resort for your stay. But if you are out for an official meet, then a hotel is the best for one day/night stay.

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