Here are Some Reasons, Your Battery Dies Fast

The two biggest challenges with smartphones are memory constraint and battery draining. Can you remember how often you used to charge your phone before the advent of smartphones? It is less often as you charge your smartphone. Several app developers have come up with battery conserving apps but what they save is usually negligible.

The phone technology has witnessed so much advancement while the battery making industry hasn’t witnessed much. Instead of wasting your time, asking app developers to come up with more battery-saving apps, it is better to know what kills your battery faster and avoid them. Here is the list of the things that drain your batteries faster.

Some apps are battery hogs

As much as app developers try to come up with battery conserving apps, some apps are just battery hogs. They drain your battery faster than many other apps. 5-minute usage and 10% of your battery power is gone. Many game apps suck the life out of your battery. One of the most successful app developers once said that if you want to enjoy stunning graphics as well as fantastic sound effects in any game app, you will likely pay with your battery life.

So you may need to cut down the number of times you play games on your phone if you need to preserve your battery.

High level of brightness

Setting the screen brightness of your phone too high is another reason why your battery drains fast. 50% percent brightness is okay. Why raise it close to 100% when you don’t plan to use the screen of your phone as a flashlight. So, reduce the brightness setting. In addition, you may need to shorten the time it takes your phone to timeout due to inactivity. 20 seconds is fair enough. When you leave your phone for 20 seconds, it should sleep and turn off its backlight.

The continuous search for Wi-Fi

To save their monthly data bill, many phone users leave the Wi-Fi of their phone on so it can continuously search for W-Fi to latch on to. While this is a great idea with regards to cutting down on the use of data, the continuous search takes its toll on your phone battery. The strain may not be obvious when the phone and battery are still new. When the battery begins to near its lifespan, the problem will be more pronounced.

Low internet connection

According to some app developers, your phone works extra hard trying to make the best of the low signal in your location. The longer you remain in that location, the more it weakens your battery. It is better to turn off your data until when you get to another location with a stronger signal.

Leaving apps to run at the background

A lot of people are not aware of the fact that when you just swipe an app away, it still runs at the background. Once you are through with an app, you should close it. Imagine having more than 10 apps running in the background of your phone. The battery will continue to drain several times faster than normal. Check for running apps and close them regularly.

Using long ring and message tones

It is fun to use a whole track as your message tone and ring tone. But it is a problem when you miss your calls or when you are not around when a message hits your phone. It will likely run the whole of the track thereby weakening your battery further. What if several messages arrive one after the other? They will gradually weaken your battery.

Overheating problem

When your phone develops an overheating problem, its battery usually pays for it. The phone will get hot while charging it. Apart from slowing down its rate of charging, it will start discharging once you disconnect it. Using the internet on your phone will quickly get it hot and the battery will drain faster. This is because it requires battery power to heat up. So, whenever your phone develops an overheating problem, go for repair.

Tips on battery conservation

1. Disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS

As useful as these facilities are, they drain your battery because they are always searching. So, it is a good idea to always disable the three of them when they are not in use. In fact, it is not likely that you will need the three of them at the same time so they should be off by default.

2. Play games less often

Another set of apps that pull battery down is game apps. Interesting games with immersive gameplay can drain the battery. In fact, some games are so addictive that you will play them for hours. To save your battery, play games less often.

3. Switch of your phone or switch to airplane mode at bedtime

You won’t respond to any notification while you are in bed so why leave your data on? You can switch to airplane mode just before you hit your bed. If you are not using any sleep tracking app and you are not using your phone’s alarm, it is better you switch it off completely. You can then switch it on whenever you wake up.

4. Remove unnecessary widgets

The higher the number of widgets on your screen, the faster your battery gets weak. So, only leave the most important widgets and remove the rest.

Conclusively, you will always preserve your battery life considerably when you apply the battery saving tips and avoid the battery draining mistakes listed above. Some of the tips were given by experienced app builders.

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Melissa Crooks is Content Writer who writes for Hyperlink InfoSystem, a mobile app development company in New York, USA and India that holds the best team of skilled and expert app developers. She is a versatile tech writer and loves exploring the latest technology trends, entrepreneur and startup column. She also writes for top app development companies.

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