Fix the Issue: mouse moving on its own in windows 10

The majority of people use a mouse to operate a Windows computer, including those who use laptops but prefer a mouse to a touchpad. However, many users reported that the mouse appears to be moving on its own, jumping here and there without being moved by anyone. So it is becoming tough to use the device smoothly.

In most situations, malware has infected the computer’s settings.  It executes commands in the background, causing the mouse to go crazy. If you’re wondering that your computer’s mouse cursor is moving on its own because of a virus, you should run a comprehensive scan.

However, This tutorial will show you the detailed procedure on how to fix the mouse moving on its own problem on Windows 10. In order to know, you can proceed to the steps mentioned below.

How to solve the issue of “mouse moving on its own”?

This may occur because of a typical Windows 10 software issue; you can troubleshoot it using one of the ways listed below. Before we begin troubleshooting, make sure your mouse’s cable and connectivity are functioning properly.

Check your mouse on a different computer to see whether it functions regularly. If the mouse’s movement continues, the mouse’s hardware is most likely destroyed, and it is recommended that you get a new one.

Check the Mouse Sensitivity

It’s likely that your mouse’s sensitivity is so high that every time you type or move, it response widely. It will move even if the user moves the mouse slightly. Now you can try reducing your mouse movement to a moderate/low level to see if the issue is resolved.

Step 1: Press Windows + R > Settings

Step 2: Go to the “Devices” section of the Settings menu.

Step 3: Select the Mouse tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

Step 4: Click on additional mouse settings > Pointer Options.

Step 5: Reduce the speed to a low setting.

Step 6: Save your modifications and exit.

Update the mouse driver

Whether you’re using a USB or wireless mouse, you’ll need to update the mouse driver to get it to work properly. Drivers that are outdated or incompatible are frequently the source of the issue. To save time, you can use  Driver Booster, a professional and efficient driver solution that automatically updates all device drivers.

Step 1: Install and run the driver booster on your PC.

Step 2: Click Mice and other pointing devices > the mouse driver.

Step 3: Driver Booster will automatically update the mouse driver.

Run Windows defender

It’s possible that the mouse isn’t operating due to a virus or system danger. So you should scan your system with your antivirus software to make sure it’s clean.

Step 1: Type Windows defender into the search box.

Step 2: Select the entire Scan and then click Scan.

As Windows checks all of your computer’s files one by one, this procedure may take some time.

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