Five Best Ways to Get Oil Stains Out of Clothes

We’ve all wanted to wear our favorite dress or shirt to dinner but abstained from doing so due to the fear of spilling food on it. It’s common to feel like looking good isn’t as important as keeping our favorite pieces unscathed. But now, you no longer have to feel this way!

Now, you can wear your most loved outfits anytime because we’ve formulated a list of the best tips and tricks for removing grease stains clothing. Keep on reading to know all our insights. 

Put some dish soap

A well known and easy way to get oil out of clothes is to put a bit of dish soap on the spot and rub the area well. Since dish soap is meant to get oil out of dishes, it can work on clothes as well. 

Sprinkle salt on it

Another tip that can help get stains out is to sprinkle some salt on the affected patch as soon as you spill something. This will prevent the grease from setting in. However, make sure to put the cloth in the washer as soon as possible. 

Detergent paste

A tried and tested method to eliminate oil is to put a layer of thick detergent and water paste on the area, allow it to dry and rinse off the garment. This should be effective in getting the oil spot out.


If you want to remove oil stains on clothes after drying, then generously apply cornstarch on the stain. Let it sit for about an hour. Rub the area with a toothbrush and then brush it off. Do it as many times as needed, till the oil is gone. 


If your garment is made of linen, then chalk can help get rid of stains. Rub the greasy area with a piece of chalk and let it sit for a while before brushing it off. Do it a couple of more times to remove the stain. It’s also effective for dirt stains around the shirt collars.

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