Boyfriend Jeans: Your Key to Looking Your Best

You’re probably itching to get home and rid yourself of that tacky dress you’re wearing that day in hopes of looking posh and representable. Then, you wonder why you didn’t opt for that cozy-looking pair of boyfriend jeans in your wardrobe.

That’s when you remember that you believe that people may think of you as unkempt and unprofessional if you stuck by your urge to be casual and wear those pants. However, who said that to be stylish meant to be uncomfortable?

The Current Image

You probably think that denim pants can only be used on certain occasions. Most of the time, jeans are painted with an image of casual wear. This is what you put on when doing things such as buying goods in the grocery store, meeting your friends in a café, or watching a film in the movie theatre often paired with a pair of sneakers or even sliders.

In other words, most people have this idea that pants are something you wear when you need to go outside, but you don’t necessarily have to look good – sort of like outside pyjamas. (Who dresses up when going to the market, anyway?)

Repainting the Picture

This image stuck with wearing jeans pushed a lot of people to correlate being comfortable with not giving any effort to look good. Perhaps, this belief is what’s stopping you from donning that pair of boyfriend jeans to work or even a date. You would think that to look at your best means to look like you thought of your outfit carefully.

Having said that, whoever first established this depiction must have endured an uneasy experience trying to look her best. A pair of jeans can still be your best friend!

You see, the key to appearing dashing isn’t to stay away from jeans but to stick with them. There’s a reason why denim is known as a staple in a fashionista’s wardrobe. It’s your time to repaint the picture!

The Mix and Match

Denim being a staple means it’s one of your fashion basics. This also implies that they’re simple enough to have a variety of tops to mix and match. Depending on the event you’re going to, of course, your chosen upper garment would have to be well thought out.

Casual wear, which jeans are most known for, usually mixes denim pants with t-shirts, both plain and printed. Tank tops and loose crop tops are worn to look a bit sporty without losing that sense of cosiness.

You can also wear tight-fitting crop tops to add a touch of femininity and sexiness. Don’t forget the classic, fuzzy sweatshirt that makes you put together yet comfortable in your skin.

On events where you need to look extra dressy and even more formal, boyfriend jeans can still be used. Top them with lace bodysuits and turtlenecks, and you’re good to go.

Another that can add a sense of professionalism is a fancy piece of a trench coat on top of everything. To finish the look, add a pair of stilettos, as well as a simple purse, and you’re ready for the day.

Of course, these aren’t all there is to wear pants. There are whole other types of tops you can wear with jeans. Another reason to opt for denim pants is they’re not boring!

There are a lot of designs available so your style won’t look repetitive. Do you know what other best thing about boyfriend jeans is? They won’t break your bank. You won’t have to make a dent in your savings just to look your best. To top it all off, you’re comfortable. Bingo!

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