Genioplasty: Factors To Consider Before Getting The Surgery

Cosmetic or plastic surgeries have grown in popularity over recent years. This is largely attributed to the fact that people want to look better and science has already accomplished great heights to fulfill this wish for them.

A similar surgery that a large number of people consider getting is genioplasty plastic surgery. This surgery is one of the most sought-after options for people who have misaligned or receding chins and are looking forward to getting rid of it. This problem can easily be fixed by getting the surgery and if you’re hesitant about getting it, here’s all you should know about it.

What is genioplasty?

Genioplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that has emerged in recent years as a great solution for those who have problems with the alignment of their chin. It can reposition their chin and fix problems such as receding chins, and more. Some of the basic problems that motivate people to get a genioplasty surgery are:

  • Having receding chins is a problem that is also known as retrogenia.
  • Having a short chin.
  • Having an excessively tall chin.
  • Having a chin that is misaligned with your entire face.
  • Having asymmetrical chin.

Genioplasty can also be sometimes considered for medical reasons. This mainly happens if people are suffering from a medical problem such as retrogenia, affecting people’s quality of life, sleep issues, and more.

What happens during a genioplasty surgery?

During a genioplasty surgery, the surgeon takes the proper measurements of the person’s entire face. The surgeon will also take an X-ray along with a CT scan of the jaw. This will help in getting a clear understanding of their face shape and what needs to be changed. The surgeon will then figure out a suitable position for the chin and then proceed with a particular procedure.

The surgeon will then decide how to cut the main bone of the chin and what angle it should be cut from. In surgeries such as chin augmentation, the surgeon will typically use an anesthesia drug on the patient to facilitate the surgery.

Once the surgery is done, the patient can go home but they have to take a few precautions during the recovery period. The surgeon will also demonstrate all the measures of aftercare that the person needs to take. Sometimes, they might not be allowed to go home for about 2 days.

What happens after the surgery?

After a genioplasty, you might be required to stay in the hospital for the next 2 days so that the surgeon can monitor your recovery along with helping you take proper recovery measures.

There will be various measures of aftercare that you will have to take once you have been discharged. These will depend on the specific procedure that you took and how it affects your body. However, some common aftercare measures are:

  • Taking some antibiotics orally. The surgeon will specify the time.
  • Managing slight pain that might occur. Helping with swelling through some tips.
  • Replacing the dressing regularly and taking common precautions while doing so.
  • Resting for a few weeks and avoiding difficult activities.
  • Switching to a diet that is based on liquids for a few days.

How long can the recovery period be?

The recovery period after a genioplasty is generally around a week. However, 7 days is not enough for it to be completely healed. You will be allowed to do your daily chores and work but true recovery will take at least 3 months.

Get the genioplasty surgery to look good now!

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