Be Alert; Neglecting Menstrual Hygiene Can Land You into Severe Health Complications

The monthly menstrual cycle is part of every normal female’s life. Each month the females go through phases of heavy bleeding from their vagina due to the breakdown of endometrial linings. Throughout the onset of this cycle, women undergo many changes, be it their physical change or their emotional up-downs!

Though times have changed now and women have started taking feminine hygiene seriously, a section of this society is still unaware of the harm associated with neglecting menstrual hygiene.

They seem to care less, call it shame or being uncomfortable, women even ignore talking about menstruation, let alone taking menstrual hygiene seriously. But it is high time, people start educating not only the females but also the males of the society about taking care of menstruation hygiene and how to be safe during periods. Let’s discuss more on this matter below

Pads are passé, women should now use menstrual cups during their period days…

It would be wrong if we say that the sanitary napkins are not healthy or good for using during the menstruation cycle but there are better options available at the market now. Previously women used to use clothes during those days and they seldom cared about the cleanliness of the pieces of clothes they are using.

After that, they started using sterilized sanitary pads and now this progress has seen more developments with the introduction of menstrual cups. These are a kind of tampons that are fitted in the vagina of the women during the menstruation days and it holds all the blood in it without causing any discomfort to the women.

New facilities on the block…

The Everteen Menstrual Cup is one such introduction into the world of menstrual hygiene that women must use to stay healthy. Many women don’t even know that using unsterilized pads or dirty clothes can cause severe health complications which may even result in their deaths when the condition is more severe.

By using the menstrual caps, you not only save yourself from the health complexities but also save the environments around you from getting pouted by not throwing the sanitary napkins outside. Thus, take your menstrual hygiene serious and make informed choices!

The Final thoughts

When you judge any conditions, you obviously consider the majority of the people inclined towards it rather than just a small chunk. So, if we start arguing that women are indeed very advanced today and they take care of their menstrual hygiene, we won’t be completely wrong but we won’t be right as well.

Definitely, a section of modernized women are taking proper care of their menstrual hygiene but many women in both the urban and rural culture are still unaware of certain things that can be beneficial for them during their period days, let alone using these means to stay safe.

Thus it is the responsibility of all of us who knows about it to spread the word and help women live safely and Everteen is surely doing a great job in contributing towards the same!

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