Five Pieces of Equipment You Need To Start Aerial Photography

Aerial photography allows us to witness the world from a unique perspective, capturing breathtaking images from above. However, achieving stunning aerial shots requires the right equipment. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an enthusiast looking to explore the world of aerial photography, having the proper gear is essential. In this article, we will discuss the key equipment needed to embark on an exciting aerial photography journey.

1. Camera Drones

Aerial photography has been transformed by the advent of camera drones, making it easier and more versatile to capture breathtaking shots from the sky. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) come with high-quality cameras, stabilization systems, and smart flying features, allowing photographers to snap distinctive images from an aerial perspective. Top brands like DJI offer popular models like the Phantom and Mavic series that boast impressive image quality and advanced functions such as obstacle detection and GPS navigation. To select the perfect camera drone, photographers should consider factors like image quality, flight duration, range, and user-friendliness while keeping their specific requirements and budget in mind.

2. Lenses and Filters

Aerial Photography

Choosing the right lenses and filters is crucial for achieving optimal image quality in aerial photography. Wide-angle lenses are typically preferred for capturing the expansive landscapes often encountered in aerial shots. They allow for a broader field of view, showcasing the grandeur of the scene. Additionally, neutral density (ND) filters can help to control light and achieve balanced exposures, particularly in bright and sunny conditions. Polarizing filters are also valuable for reducing glare and enhancing color saturation, resulting in vibrant and visually pleasing images. Investing in high-quality lenses and filters ensures sharper images, accurate colors, and better control over lighting conditions.

3. Gimbal Stabilizers

Gimbal stabilizers are essential accessories for aerial photographers, as they provide stability and smoothness during flight. These motorized devices compensate for the drone’s movements, ensuring the camera remains steady, even in windy conditions. A quality gimbal stabilizer reduces unwanted vibrations and camera shake, resulting in sharp and blur-free images. Many camera drones come with built-in gimbals, but detachable gimbal stabilizers can also be used with other models to upgrade their stability and image quality.

4. Memory Cards and Storage

Memory Cards

Aerial photography produces high-resolution images and videos, necessitating ample storage space. Ensure you have an adequate supply of high-capacity memory cards to capture and store your media. It is advisable to use memory cards with fast write speeds to prevent buffer delays during continuous shooting. Additionally, backing up your files regularly and investing in portable external hard drives or cloud storage solutions is crucial to prevent data loss and create space for future endeavors.

5. Remote Controllers and Apps

Remote controllers and dedicated mobile apps play a crucial role in aerial photography. A well-designed remote controller allows for precise control of the drone’s flight, including maneuvering, adjusting altitude, and capturing photos and videos. Look for controllers with intuitive interfaces and ergonomic designs for comfortable and efficient operation. Additionally, many camera drones have companion apps that offer enhanced functionality and features. These apps enable live video streaming, flight planning, automated flight paths, and post-processing options. Familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the app and ensure compatibility with your smartphone or tablet for a seamless aerial photography experience.


Aerial photography offers a captivating perspective on the world, and with the right equipment, anyone can embark on this exciting visual journey. Camera drones, lenses and filters, gimbal stabilizers, and ample storage are all vital components for achieving exceptional aerial shots. As technology advances, the options and capabilities for aerial photography continue to expand. By investing in the right equipment and honing your skills, you can capture stunning images that showcase the beauty of our world from above. So, grab your gear and let your imagination take flight.

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