5 Beauty Secrets from Around the World

Every culture in the world has its own beauty standards, which is exactly why people from all over the globe have come up with their own beauty secrets that can do wonders for their appearance. Here are the top five beauty secrets from around the world you should know about, so check them out and enjoy!

Brazil: Soothe sunburn with oatmeal flakes

Everyone knows that sunburn is a true nightmare, but when it comes to treating it, we have to say that Brazilian women really took it to a whole new level.

Believe it or not, Brazilians believe in the power of oatmeal flakes which can ease the sting due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

In fact, oatmeal is perfect for soothing itchy and irritated sunburned skin, and all you have to do is to put half a cup of uncooked oats into a blender and grind them until they’re a fine powder.

Then pour them into a bowl, add a ¼ cup of milk and a few tablespoons of honey, and stir well until the ingredients are combined.

Spread the mixture onto your sunburned skin, leave it for at least 20 minutes, and wipe it gently with a soft cloth and cool water later on!

Bulgaria: Use rose water to cleanse the face

rose water to cleanse the face

In case you didn’t know, Bulgaria is a European country famous for its Rose Valley, which is why the fact that Bulgarian women use rose water as a part of their skincare routine shouldn’t surprise you at all.

This is a natural product that contains a lot of antioxidants that fight the damaging free radicals and therefore keep the skin smooth and soft.

Besides that, rose water also calms the skin and keeps the face clean and nourished, and those are the benefits that mustn’t be overlooked.

Of course, you should make sure to get the 100% natural rose water in order to experience its true benefits, as the majority of similar products found in stores aren’t really natural.

The Middle East: Groundbreaking beauty procedures on the rise

The fact that the Middle East is one of the fastest growing beauty markets in the world is probably a bit shocking to readers from the Western world.

The truth is that women from the Middle East spend a large amount of their income on beauty products and groundbreaking procedures.

One of such procedures is coolsculpting cost – a non-invasive procedure that gently and effectively removes fat from problematic areas of the body that haven’t responded to traditional diet and exercise.

If you want to learn more about CoolSculpting and its benefits, just do your research and find out why this procedure has gained so much popularity recently!

Sweden: Dry sauna to the rescue

Dry sauna to the rescue

If you’re familiar with the typical weather in Sweden (or the entire region of Scandinavia, to be more exact), you know that those extreme temperatures can easily wreak havoc on the skin.

And when we say ‘extreme’, we think ‘extremely low’, which is exactly why a lot of Swedes have their own dry sauna in their homes.

Apart from helping them stay warm during the colder months, it can speed up circulation and improve their complexion that way.

Obviously, saunas are great for the skin by detoxing it through the natural process of sweating, and these can also relax muscles, soothe pain, and improve cardiovascular performance. Does it get better than that? We don’t think so!

Korea: 10-step skincare routine is an absolute must

Asian women follow a quite complex skincare routine that includes a lot of different products, but you know what? No beauty regimen comes close to that of the Korean women, who swear by their everyday 10-step skincare routine.

Truth be told, this regimen requires complete dedication, but we can freely say that the effort undoubtedly pays off in the end.

Their 10-step routine includes the following steps: makeup remover, double oil cleansing, foam cleansing, toner, face serum, eye serum, eye cream, face moisturizer, and neck cream. T

he last step is a sheet mask they love to use at least once a week. One thing is certain: this can’t be a lazy person’s skincare routine!

As you can see, there are a lot of amazing beauty secrets from around the world you should definitely take into consideration, and these five are unquestionably the best ones out there.

So, if you want to upgrade your everyday beauty routine and be more beautiful than ever, all you have to do is to stick to these secrets and you’ll make that happen!

Peter Minkoff is a lifestyle and health editor at Trend Prive Magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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