CXM2018 Self-balancing Hoverboard Review

Playing a Self-balancing hoverboard in this modern era is now one of the most updated trends. Agree? It is now becoming the best ride after non-electric skateboards and bicycles. The enthusiasm for playing the best hoverboards are now can see in every age a person.

Some self-balancing hoverboards are available which are specially designed and made by different categories of people. The categories may be divided into ages, gender, or the level of the rider.

Level of the rider I mean to say that, there are some self-balancing scooter is available which is made for beginners, intermediate, and experts.

While reading the Specs of the CX2018 Self-balancing hoverboard I realize that it is designed for both kids and adults. One good thing is that it got certified by UL 2272. More about its features and design we will discuss shortly.

CXM2018 Self-balancing Hoverboard Design


The total dimension of these hoverboards is 24.8*8.5*7.3 inches. Its size is suitable for both kids and adults. The weight of these hoverboards is also light so everybody can carry it and take it where they want. As I said that the size of this self Balancing scooter is not occupied that much space, so it can be easily played at home.


Good quality LED lights are installed on the top of both tires. It will increase the zest while playing it at night. A different style of lead is installed in every hoverboard so how CXM2018 will leave that part? It makes the self-balancing hoverboards a more professional look. Good LED lights impact the whole design of the hoverboard.


The material type of its casing is plastic. A good Quality of pasting covered a whole hoverboard. A nicely designed casing is installed in it. A shining and reflective body gives an amazing look during the daytime.

CXM2018 Self-balancing Hoverboard Performance


You can play this hoverboard feel free without any afraid of burning as it is safe from all types of fire hazards. UL 2272 gives its safety certification.

Speakers Quality

The good quality sound speakers is installed for music lovers. You can easily connect your phone with its Bluetooth speakers. I am sure, riding in a CXM2018 self-balancing scooter with music gives you a pleasant feeling. Both kids and adults will enjoy taking their rides.

Self-balancing technology

The good quality gyroscope sensors are installed in this hoverboard by CXM2018. It will work great according to the movements of your body. It will move slowly if you lean your body in the forward direction at an angle between 90 degrees to 75 degrees.

The speed of this hoverboard is only depending on the movements of our body while there are some hoverboards like GOTRAX hoverfly eco in which officially a learning mode is installed for kids and adults who are playing it for the very first time.


You might be thinking that if this self-balancing scooter does not have a learning mode, How a kid and the first rider of any age will ride on it? If this question is raised in your mind so here I will tell you the following steps of how to play CXM2018 hoverboard the first time.

Step one is mostly the same as all of the hoverboards which are to stand straight on the hoverboard. First, balance your body and avoid quaking.

The second step is leaning your body. To move in a forward direction lean your body a little forward and the hoverboard starts riding slowly. For high speed, increase the curve of your body in a forward direction.

To turn the direction of the hoverboard you must follow the simple step that is for example if you want to move in a left direction, keep the left foot on the hoverboard and remove the right foot slowly. Your self-balancing scooter starts turning to the left. The same rule you have to follow when you want to move in the right direction or even in the back direction too.

CXM2018 Self-balancing Hoverboard Features

An amazing designed and well-shaped hoverboard especially offers for both kids and adults. Its features are perfect for the age of people who want to play the hoverboard. Its maximum speed is 7.46 mph which is good enough for adults to handle but a little difficult for kids. But in the above section, I mentioned how everyone can learn.

Its wheel size is 6.5 inches and is made up of solid rubber. Moreover, you love this hoverboard when I will tell you its best thing which is its battery timing. You can play with it for up to 5 hours continuously.

The maximum distance covered by this self-balancing hoverboard is 7.46 mph. Before using it, you have to fully charge its battery. It takes 4 hours maximum to recharge

Our Verdict about CXM2018 Self-balancing Hoverboard

According to its features and properties, it is the best hoverboard under 200 for both adults and kids. If we talk about its budget, it is the best suitable self-balancing scooter with that price tag. A good battery backup and enough speed. 

The company CXM2018 claims that this hoverboard can only play by the age of 6+. But in my opinion, it can be played by a 4-5-year-old kid if you guide him/her with the steps that I mentioned above.  

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