Complete Guide When Buying or Selling Vouchers

Have you ever been gifted a voucher that you had no intention of using or have you ever wondered how to save more money when buying one? Vouchers are among the most popular gift ideas today and it’s no surprise people love them. Such cheques allow you to purchase anything from a particular retailer and can help you make big savings as well. If you’re curious about how to sell and buy vouchers online, read our complete guide and learn the best tips and latest trends customers and seller have come up with.

Benefits of Using Vouchers

Whether you want to buy or sell a voucher, you surely are aware of numerous benefits such a card entails. Vouchers make fantastic gifts. Sometimes you don’t have time to buy a present, or simply don’t know what to get. We’ve all been there. Purchasing a voucher is very convenient and would most likely satisfy the person being gifted one.

They’re also affordable. You don’t need to waste your time and money looking for the perfect gift anymore. All you need to do is to simply get a voucher, or even better – a discounted one. There are websites where you can purchase used and unwanted gift cards saving quite a bit of money. But do verify the source you want to get a voucher from before you buy it to avoid scams.

Gift cards give you flexibility on things you may want to purchase. Sometimes, you’re not sure what to buy for yourself or another person. Getting a voucher does not limit your options to one particular product. You can choose anything you want from your favorite retailer or a restaurant. It’s also a great way of controlling your money as having a monthly allowance in the form of a card keeps your budget organized.

If you are a business owner, you can also benefit from selling vouchers on your website. Gift cards attract more customers and increase brand awareness. And this directly translates to a bigger general sale of your products, not to mention it’s an upfront income for your company. What is more, vouchers are loaded a certain amount of money, but customers usually spend more thinking it’s better to use all the credits and pay the difference in cash than to leave a dollar or two unused. Gift cards are also the perfect way of nurturing professional relationships with other companies and clients.

The Ultimate Checklist for Selling or Buying Vouchers

You may think buying or selling voucher is no brainer, but there’s a lot to consider before you actually make a purchase or a sale. Here’s a detailed list of things you should pay extra attention to.

  • Expiry date – this should be the first thing you check. Sometimes people sell vouchers, which are valid for another day or two, so unless you’re not intending to use them anytime soon, you’d better look for another one.
  • Limited use – most vouchers can be used in a specific store, but sometimes the restrictions are even more complex. You should always check the terms and conditions before you purchase a card.
  • Balance – make sure you check the amount of money available on the card and verify that information online. You should be able to do that via phone by providing a store manager with the voucher number.
  • Additional costs – usually there are no extra fees, but this needs to be confirmed. You may find that a particular retailer charges a fee for issuing a voucher or for extending the expiry period.

You should also be prepared for scammers, who will try to make you buy a voucher that’s been stolen. Never purchase a card from a suspicious source as you may end up wasting your money if the voucher turns out to be invalid. We’re living in a digital world and cybercrime is as common as pickpocketers. Always be careful.

ABC of Buying the Perfect Voucher

If you want to get a gift card and be smarter than most customers, you need to be aware of certain strategies. You can make use of specific coupons such as noon promo code by VoucherCodesUAE, or plan your voucher hunting.

First of all, you need to start taking advantage of used gift cards. Such deals cannot be underestimated. The majority of customers have no idea they can get a discounted voucher and save money, but you do now. Make sure you’ve got the entire plan mapped out including where you want to buy a card, how much you’re willing to spend and what you’ll be spending it on.

Another great practice is to double or even triple the benefits by stacking several promotions. Research places where this option is available and put your ideas into action. You can get a discounted voucher using a card that offers cash-back and spend it on things that are on sale. That’s three times more benefits than with regular gift cards purchased in a supermarket.

Try to buy a digital voucher not a traditional one. You will save both time and money spent on the shipping costs, not to mention you will have an actual proof such purchase was made in case of a lost or stolen card, which brings us to the next point.

If you lose a voucher or someone steals it, you are usually able to redeem the remaining balance through the store’s website or by contacting customer service. You need to have proof though such as a receipt or a confirmation email, which serves as one. Also, be prepared for some fees, however, that’s not always the case as some stores and restaurants offer it free of charge.

Last but not least, always try to buy vouchers of general purpose. These cards allow you to purchase things at several places so that you’re not limited to one store. This is mostly possible with credit cards such as Visa or American Express, which are widely accepted throughout the world. Such vouchers, however, can be more costly as the providers may charge you a small fee of $3 to $7.

Sell Your Voucher(s) Wisely

The voucher market is constantly growing and bringing billions of dollars every year. Unfortunately, a great percentage of them end up in a drawer, never being used. What a waste! If you’ve ever had a card that you wasted or completely forgot about it, you basically stuffed those companies’ pockets with pure income.

Instead of giving them up so easily, you should try to resell them. There are several websites where you can do so, and it’s a great way of cashing out that unused money. You can, of course, sell vouchers to your friends or family, but the chances of success are much lower than by doing it online.

Another way of selling your unwanted gift cards is by doing it on websites such as or You should remember, however, that the price needs to be competitive, so do a little research, check other people’s prices for similar vouchers, and then set yours. Include the shipping cost if you’re not selling a digital card.

You can increase the chances of a successful sale by choosing the right moment. This may not be possible with cards of a short expiry date, but most vouchers give you from several months to even a year or two. Try to sell them before Christmas. A lot of people look for saving during that time so it’s good to take advantage of it.


Gift-giving can sometimes be a nuisance with people who are hard to buy something for. Presenting them with a well-thought voucher ensures such cards don’t end up in a drawer being wasted forever. There are several things that need to be taken into consideration when purchasing or selling a voucher, and knowing the essential how-to allows you to make and save money at the same time. Be a smarter customer and take advantage of our complete guide.

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