Blissful Living and Zen Home Décor Mix Well

Since days are fast-paced and stressful, everyone needs a piece of tranquility and a safe haven to calm down and relax. Home is the first place that people seek sanctuary and escape from the daily chaos of the modern world. And to truly find serenity at your home, you will have to change some things and create a peaceful ambiance.

Zen home décor has been very popular in recent years and decorators have come up with a number of perfect solutions to achieve blissful living. If you want to turn your home into an oasis of calmness, here are some suggestions that will help you rediscover your living space.

Welcome earthy and neutral shades

earthy and neutral shades

When you start decorating, the first thing that should be on your mind is the colors since they can redefine the place completely. And if you wish to have a home dedicate to Zen, then you should take a look at the earthy and neutral shades. Earthy tones are all about the shades you can notice in nature like soft browns, greens, and beige.

Adding whites, blues, and pale greys will help you create layers in the color scheme and avoid the monotony. Of course, orange and red are also earthy tones, although their flamboyance makes them ideal to highlight certain details like a bowl or cushions. 

Nature is the key to Zen homes

Zen environments

Zen is all about welcoming nature into your life and your living space. Plants are known for their calming effects because they produce oxygen and are green. The most common plants you will see in Zen environments are bonsai trees or orchids.

Avoid plants that release certain smells or leave foliage behind, since Zen home décor is all about avoiding clutter. Hanging terrariums are elegant solutions which don’t need much space and can practically hang from anywhere.  

Allow natural light to shine through

Natural light will give your home an open ambiance but more importantly, it will reduce the stress and improve your mood. Install a skylight or solar tubes to maximize the amount of natural light in your home. However, don’t go overboard with openings since too much light can actually cause stress and anxiety.

Replace fluorescent bulbs and fixtures with warmer lights like floor lamps and candles. Dimmers are also a good solution so you can control the intensity of the light and easily set the mood. Instead of direct light from the ceiling opt for strategically positioned sources that will softly illuminate the room and create a serene ambiance.

Let simple and clean lines define furniture

Zen home décor

In order to achieve Zen home décor, the furniture needs to have simple and clean lines. This means that any overly complicated ornamentation or details will disrupt the harmony of the space and smother the space. When choosing furniture pieces, go for natural materials and rely on your sense of touch to determine the level of comfortableness.

Make sure that furniture pieces like closets, chests, drawers, and cupboards fit with the overall décor. Additionally, when choosing chairs, sofa, couch, and bed, try it out in the store to ensure that you find it comfortable for sitting, lying down and in contact with the material. Don’t go overboard with cushions, but rather choose differently sized pillows you can arrange around easily.

Always start with a bathroom

Zen bathroom
Bathroom interior in cozy colors with modern bathtub

Renovating the whole home can be expensive, so it’s sometimes better to do it room by room. The best place is the bathroom since it will truly give you Zen home décor right from the start. Collaborate with your home renovation services and try to find together the best solution for your bathroom, no matter the size.

The key for Zen bathroom is a bathtub which doesn’t have to be big, but spacious enough so you can soak and relax with some candles and incents. If you have a big bathroom, consider installing a standalone tub in the middle that will be the focal point of the overall design. Use vintage brass fixtures to create vintage so the room would be detached from the outer, modern world. 

Have comfort under your feet

Parquet flooring comes in different colors that you can easily adapt to the overall interior design of your home. On the other hand, resin flooring offers more combinations which can vary from vintage designs to modern and trendy appeal. But the element that will truly create the Zen ambiance in your home is the carpet.

Wool carpets are soft and will provide a sense of comfort with their appearance and texture. Even though they are high maintenance, they will help you create a safe and comforting environment. Choose the color that doesn’t clash with the rest of the room or play it safe with moleskin or grey tones.


Decorating a home is much more than just going for aesthetic elements of the overall interior design. It is the defining factor that will define the ambiance and transform it into Zen home décor. A blissful living is not impossible and with few adjustments or a complete makeover, your home will become your safe haven.

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