8 Bathroom Renovation Tips You Must Avoid

Our days usually begin and end in the bathroom, an important space in the house. So if it’s always cluttered and dull, it can ruin your experience. When thinking about home remodeling, consider sprucing up your bathroom next.

For aesthetic purposes and usefulness, bathroom upgrades are essential. They improve daily activities and raise property values. Plus, investing in bathroom upgrades can draw buyers and guarantee a profitable sale in competitive real estate areas like Tucson, where house sales have fallen 23.8% this year.

We’ll review some crucial bathroom renovation suggestions you should avoid in this blog post to ensure your project succeeds.

1. Not Considering Professional Help

While you may feel inclined to undertake the project to save money, it can often lead to costly mistakes and unsatisfactory results. Following are some considerations in favor of hiring professionals:

  • Expert professionals can manage complicated operations like plumbing, electrical work, tiling, and carpentry with expertise and experience, reducing the possibility of subsequent problems in bathroom renovations.
  • Using experts who are knowledgeable about the procedure and have access to the necessary materials and resources allows you to use your new bathroom more quickly.
  • Professionals manage the renovation’s permits and laws, assuring adherence to the law and building norms.
  • Professional bathroom remodeling businesses offer warranties or guarantees on their services, deliver high-quality labor, and produce an improved result for your bathroom restoration.

Doing your homework on local costs before remodeling your bathroom is critical. It enables you to create a reasonable budget and select the best contractor by helping you to determine the typical cost and services offered.

For instance, you can use the average cost of bathroom remodeling in Tucson, which is $10,254.00, as a benchmark to compare various contractors’ prices. Look for a local Tucson Bathroom Remodeling company that provides affordable pricing without sacrificing expertise or caliber of work. You may make an informed choice by reading customer reviews, looking at portfolios, and asking for estimates from several contractors.

2. Not Setting the Realistic Budget

You need a set spending limit to save your resources. Consider your financial condition and how much you can spend on your bathroom renovation before starting the job. Consider all associated costs for labor, materials, permits, and unanticipated contingencies.

3. Poor Space Planning

Missing out on space planning might result in awkwardly placed fixtures, restricted movement, and insufficient storage options. Consider finding it difficult to move around comfortably in an overcrowded bathroom or find a spot for all your important belongings owing to a lack of storage.

Take the time to consider the bathroom’s dimensions and design a layout that promotes simple traffic flow and effective use of space if you want to prevent these problems. Think about the size, location, and desired features of fixtures like the toilet, sink, bathtub, or shower. Maximizing storage choices in your bathroom is essential, whether through built-in cupboards, shelves, or vanity units.

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4. Choosing Trendy Over Timeless

Trends come and go, and what is trendy today can be outmoded tomorrow. You can build a bathroom that will remain fashionable and eye-catching for many years by emphasizing classic design aspects. Classic hues, simple lines, and durable materials are common characteristics of timeless designs.

By choosing a neutral color scheme, such as whites, greys, or earth tones, you may change your accents and accessories as trends change without having to renovate your bathroom entirely. Similarly, choosing quality materials known for their durability and longevity ensures that your bathroom maintains its aesthetic appeal and functionality well into the future.

5. Neglecting Ventilation

If your bathroom lacks airflow, mold, mildew, and foul odors, thrive there. Showers and baths can produce excessive moisture that can cause major structural damage and health risks. 

Make sure to include a window or exhaust fan for optimum airflow and ventilation. The fan must be the right size to properly remove humidity and moisture from the bathroom.

6. Skimping On Quality Materials

Using inferior materials can lead to frequent repairs, replacements, and even expensive water damage in a bathroom where water, humidity, and everyday use are common. Choosing cheap tiles, for instance, could seem like a smart idea at first, but they might quickly chip, crack, or lose their shine, necessitating their replacement earlier than you had anticipated.

Similar to employing low-quality plumbing fixtures, utilizing inexpensive ones can result in leaks, corrosion, and malfunctions, which can result in water damage to walls, floors, and cabinets. These defective materials may cost you additional funds and result in unneeded headaches in the long run. 

Therefore, spending money on premium materials, especially bathroom settings, is essential. A durable, water-resistant, and simple-to-maintain material should be your first choice.

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7. Inadequate Lighting

Poor lighting can affect your bathroom’s operation and atmosphere, making it look drab, uninviting, and dangerous. Daily procedures like shaving, applying makeup, or grooming can become difficult and stressful in inadequate lighting. It can produce shadows and dark areas, making the room more constrained than it is. It’s critical to prioritize lighting design while remodeling your bathroom.

  • Use recessed lights or ceiling-mounted devices; such ambient lighting illuminates an area generally.
  • For specific tasks like shaving or applying cosmetics, task lighting, such as vanity lights or sconces, is crucial since it removes shadows and guarantees precise visibility.
  • To give depth and visual appeal to architectural details, artwork, or ornamental items in the bathroom, accent lighting—such as wall-mounted or recessed lights—can be utilized.
  • Adding windows, skylights, or other natural light sources can improve the ambiance and give the space a feeling of openness.
  • The color temperature of the light bulbs you select should be considered because warm or cool tones can greatly change the mood and aesthetic of the room.

8. Ignoring Waterproofing

Protecting your bathroom from water damage is crucial since it can result in expensive repairs and even health risks. When moist areas like showers, bathtubs, and floors are not adequately sealed and waterproofed, water can seep into the walls, resulting in mold and mildew, the rotting of structural components, and compromising the integrity of the whole area.

Investing in high-quality waterproofing materials and methods, such as waterproof membranes, sealants, and grouts, is crucial to building a barrier that stops water from infiltrating surfaces. It entails ensuring that pipes, drains, and all other openings are properly sealed.


It’s important to be aware of several traps and errors that should be ignored when it involves bathroom renovations. You may ensure a successful bathroom renovation project by avoiding these typical mistakes, such as skipping appropriate planning, speeding up the job, ignoring ventilation, settling for subpar materials, and neglecting the budget. Remember, giving each detail great thought and, if necessary, getting professional help will result in a beautifully altered area that enhances your everyday life with joy and functionality.

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