Bamboo Serving Tray- An Aesthetic Devine Of Every Home Now

Although plastic has taken over the market of all the things that we use today, there is still a special place for products made of glass, metal, wood, clay, and natural fibers. Serving trays are an essential part of all our homes. Some people use traditional trays made of glass or stainless steel because of their sturdy nature, while others prefer plastic because of is lightweight. One such material that excels in both these qualities is bamboo. A bamboo serving tray has become an aesthetic divine for every home now. You will be able to see every house in Australia serving food and beverages on these bamboo-made trays.

How Is It Made?

Making a bamboo tray is nothing less than a work of art and talent. Artisans start by cutting a single bamboo into splits and peeling its outer skin. They then start weaving the partitions forming the inner structure of the tray with thick strips followed by the outer wall with thinner strips. Two separate layers are designed in a strong criss-cross manner. After this step, it is dried under the sun for an hour or two. The tray is finished with the required design or pattern.

Uses Of The Bamboo Made Trays

Trays have their own purpose to serve but the material and texture of the tray decide how you are going to use it. A bamboo serving tray can be used for different purposes:

  • The one is for serving drinks, food, etc.
  • Secondly, for storing or keeping fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • Lastly, as a kitchen accessory or a décor piece.
  • Some of these can also be kept as jewelry storage trays.

Why Is A Bamboo Serving Tray Aesthetically Pleasing?

While you are out there to buy a bamboo serving tray, you directly or indirectly raise a hand of support for the people who are making these products.

Some of the best delights of these trays are mentioned below:


Despite the dominant presence of products made in factories and industries in our surroundings, handmade products didn’t lose their charm. Bamboo serving trays have opted above others because they reflect the effort and hard work that goes into their making. Each strip is woven by hand. This makes them extra special and valuable.


There is no fixed pattern or design for a bamboo serving tray. It comes in all shapes- rectangular, triangular, round, etc. It is also available in all sizes- small and big depending on the customer’s demand. It is also affordable. They are available in plain as well as in different colors. You can also buy and paint them yourself.

Easy to maintain

Bamboo as a material is a gift from nature and extremely easy to maintain. Its products are strong, durable as well as heatproof, and waterproof. It is also scratch-proof. If the tray is stained, you can wipe or wash it off with plain warm water without using any chemical stain removers.


Today, trends change in the blink of an eye, and so do our choices. Usually, the bamboo serving tray compliments any décor and fits in well. Its elegance need not be explained. It doesn’t get deformed or distorted, thus making itself a timeless piece in our households.


The most important factor that comes into play is the fact that it is sustainable and non-harmful to the environment. The bamboo plant is a fast renewable resource, and there is no issue with its biodegradability. The substance kept in it will be safe since it is also antibacterial.

The utilization of bamboo products is returning to the commercial landscape because of its numerous benefits. From furniture to toothbrushes, it is available everywhere. Therefore, the next time you go out shopping for the bamboo serving tray, make sure you keep in mind its special characteristics and pick at least one of them!

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