Avoid These Common Mistakes While Cleaning Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors are great decorative accessories that can be installed in the living room, dining area, hallways or even bedroom. They help to create an illusion of more space where they are installed. Usually, they may be framed or frameless depending on the choice and preference of the homeowner.

The frameless design of wall mirrors is however more elegant and attractive since it blends with different wall backgrounds at all times. Wall mirrors can also be used to decorate commercial spaces such as offices.

An office with mirrors can make a statement to customers. The people working in a well-decorated office that is stylish and trendy tend to look more serious and focused. There is a sense of comfort and confidence in areas that are professionally decorated using mirrors. When you are in need of decorating the office interior in a commercial building, you should consider adding the frameless wall mirrors.

Maintaining wall decorative mirrors is also essential so that space can look elegant and stylish at all times.

When mirrors are not properly maintained, they get stained and scratched making them look unattractive. When cleaning wall mirrors as a way of maintaining them, there are common mistakes that owners commit which should be avoided in the future. This article highlights some of the most popular mistakes and how they can be avoided.

Using Hard Brushes to Remove Stains From Wall Mirror

Stains are formed on glass surfaces which is a common occurrence. However, a common mistake by owners in removing the stains is using hard brushes.

Hard rushes are made to remove dirt from tiles and floors. When they are used on glass surfaces, they result in scratches and damages which can be unattractive.

In places such as activity gyms where people love looking at their bodies, this would be a big fail. When cleaning glass surfaces to remove stains, the hard brushes should be avoided so that scratches do not form on the surface.

Instead, soft fiber clothes can be used so that the glass surface is more protected and remains in good condition in the long run. It is possible to create a more attractive glass surface when soft fiber cloths are used to remove stains.

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Using Hard Water to Clean Glass Surfaces

Hardware contains dissolved minerals which are known to have a reactive capacity with the glass surfaces. There are many different minerals which can result in hard stains forming on the surfaces of glass which is not attractive.

When you need to maintain an attractive outlook for your home interior you need to avoid using hard water and instead go for the distilled water to clean glass surfaces.

Especially in a place like an activity gym where people get very sweaty, this is the recommended way of doing things. This way, you will avoid the formation of hard stains which makes the glass look more attractive and as good as new. This is a mistake that can be easily rectified by homeowners when cleaning glass surfaces.

Using Paper Towels to Clean Glass Windows and Doors

There are many techniques that can be used to clean glass surfaces to make them look elegant and attractive. Using squeegees is one of the most popular techniques that is considered to be most effective In cleaning glass surfaces. Usually, after cleaning glass surfaces, they are required to be dried so that they do not leave streaks of dirt.

Using paper towels is a common mistake that many people commit when washing glass surfaces. Usually, the paper towels break into many pieces which are then left on the surface of the glass. Also, the paper towels do not effectively remove the dirt streaks making the glass look dirty and unmaintained.

After cleaning glass surfaces, the paper towels should be avoided and instead of a squeegee used to remove any dirt particle remaining. Also, the drying should be done using the squeegee or any other rubber surfaces which may be effective.

If you are looking on ways to clean your glass surfaces at home or in the office, you should avoid using paper towels and focus on more modern and newer techniques which will make your décor look attractive and well maintained.

Using Sharp Objects to Remove Stains From the Glass Surfaces

Hard stains can be removed using a number of techniques including using steel wool. However, using sharp objects can be ineffective and result in the scratching of the glass surface of your home or office. This is something that you do not want happening since you want to maintain the new look of your glass windows and doors.

Therefore, one should avoid using sharp objects such as knives and razor blades and instead use alternative methods to remove hard stains from glass surfaces. Removing stains this way mostly happens in activity gyms which are often used for training. Also, activity gyms have wall mirrors for decoration which can be maintained through regular cleaning.

Homeowners in commercial and residential spaces should be careful when cleaning glass surfaces by observing the tips discussed in this article to maintain the glass in good conditions.

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