Immigration – Australia or Canada? Which One to Choose?

Australia or Canada? This has been a question which is debated among those who wish to immigrate. You can even find a lot of articles discussing this on the web, but it’s not easy to find a clear winner there. So the thing one can do is to learn about the differences, similarities, and peculiarities of these countries and choose the one that suits you the most.

Minimum wage per hour

According to the latest update from immigration consultants, In Australia, the Fair Work Commission decided to increase the minimum wage by 3 percent. So from July, 1st 2019 the weekly minimum wage will be $740.78. The hourly minimum wage will be $19.49

In Canada, the province with the least minimum wage in Saskatchewan. The minimum wage in Saskatchewan will be increased $11.32 an hour in October 2019.

You will have to compare the cost of living according to the city you plan to move to, to know which one is better.


The graduate programs that the universities in Canada provide are globally recognized. These programs are mostly seen as equal to similar reputed programs in the US.

Australia has got seven universities in the list of the world’s leading universities. This country provides good job opportunities and a lot of courses for students who want to study in Australia.


Weather is where a major difference between Australia and Canada. Canada is comparatively a colder country whereas in Australia it’s warmer for about 8 months in a year.

Canada and Australia are among the largest countries in the world with respect to area. So in such a huge area obviously the weather may vary. You may want to research more about a particular state, province or territory to make a final decision.

Time difference

Australia mostly uses three standard time zones. They are Australian Eastern Standard Time(AEST), Australian Central Standard Time(ACST) and Australian Western Standard Time(AWST).

AEST is UTC/GMT +10, ACST is UTC/GMT +9 ½ and AWST is UTC/GMT +8.

In total 9 different time zones are used in Australia and its territories. The time zones in Canada can be -3h30min to -8h according to the province or territory.

Canada has six standard time zones. Canada’s most part changes its time as one hour ahead of standard time for 65% of the year. It’s called daylight saving time.

Cost of living

Cost of living is also an important factor to be considered while choosing the country to immigrate. In most of the indices to be considered the cost in Australia is higher than in Canada. But the cost of groceries, vehicles, etc. is higher in Canada.

The rent for accommodation is higher in Australia than in Canada. In both Canada and Australia, living in the city is more expensive. To cut the rent cost you can find a place to stay outside the city. Sharing room with friends is also a good option to cut rent expenses.

Ease of application

Both Canada and Australia follow a point based system for immigration. Both of them gives importance to language proficiency, age and work experience. If you have to compare the ease of application Canada definitely has an upper hand. Canada has a less stringent visa application process.

The skilled migration system is widely taken by immigrants to apply for Australia PR. If you are skilled and have good work experience then it won’t be difficult for you to immigrate to either Australia or Canada.

Points System Comparison

The points system for selecting Immigrants for Permanent Residency have many similarities between Australia and Canada.

For Australia, the minimum points required to apply for PR is 65 points. Points are scored based on age, education, language (English) proficiency, work experience, and some other factors too.

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is the points system used by Canada.  At least a score of 67 points out of 100 is required for Canada Immigration under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. The points are scored based on Age, Education, Experience, Language (English or French) Skills, and some other factors too.

Processing time and cost of Immigration

In terms of processing time and cost of Immigration also Canada has an upper hand on Australia.


The points discussed above are some important factors to consider to choose the country you want to Immigrate. There are several other factors too. To make a wise choice it is advised to research and learn more about both countries. Experienced consultants can also be very useful for this.

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