8 Tasty Beverages People Mostly Love to Drink

A tasty and refreshing drink is always welcomed, isn’t it? And the best part is whatever may be the season, hot or cold, drinks perfectly complement the mood. A chilled smoothie in summer, a mug of hot coffee in winter, or a cup of hot tea in the rain is all that’s needed to cheer up, right?

Here we bring to you the top 8 tasty beverages that people across the world prefer to drink anytime, anywhere. Let’s look.

8 Best Beverage Choices from Across the Globe

1. Mango Lassi (India)

Lassi is a drink made of yogurt or buttermilk and is a staple in the northern part of India, where temperatures soar to an unbearable level in summers. For those confined to the air-conditioned office spaces, heat isn’t a big botheration. However, for the outside workers or those on traveling jobs, this refreshing drink made from sweet mangoes, yogurt, and milk is a perfect treat in the heat. It’s almost like an internal sunscreen for the body! 

2. Pina Colada (Puerto Rico)

A very famous beverage that’s now served in major restaurants across the world as well. Every sip of the drink transcends you to a beach-like ambiance. Made from a mix of coconut milk, pineapple juice, and a hint of rum, this cool and refreshing drink is relished the world over. You can buy plenty of tasty & refreshing juices from a well-known beverage wholesale supplier.

3. Mojito (Cuba)

This has to be everybody’s favorite ‘minty’ cocktail (though it’s now best enjoyed by a larger international audience as mocktail). The drink is named after a famous Cuban seasoning and was also invented by the Cubans. It’s best enjoyed when prepared fresh. 

The original recipe has undergone several changes – each liking it their particular style to suit their individual fancy. Generally prepared from a mix of white rum, lime, sugar, fresh mint, and soda water; however, you can change it the way you like it.

4. Cider (England)

Have you seen a beverage being consumed from a Wellington boot? Well, in England, they do and the drink is called Cider. However, most people prefer to drink it from a glass instead, but you can be slightly more adventurous and enjoy drinking it from the boot too!

The drink is soaked in cinnamon and cloves (you’d get plenty of flavor in your drink). There are also tiny bits of unfiltered apple spinning around in the drink, which adds to the taste. A warm and fragrant treat perfect for winter days.

5. Martini (US)

You’d find several versions of this US-origin drink in restaurants the world over today. What’s more – there are even non-alcoholic versions available in the form of Appletinis and Chocolate Martinis! Yet, the very original Martini made from gin, vermouth, and olive is truly the best and totally unbeatable.

6. Champagne (France)

This one really needs no introduction because it’s the most popular celebratory drink the world over. You can’t miss it because no party or celebration is complete without bursting out a bottle of champagne on the podium. A single gulp of this crisp and light fizzy beverage is enough to give you the feel of numerous little diamonds bursting on your tongue.

7. Baileys Original Irish Cream (Ireland)

If you go to Ireland and come back without having Irish cream, consider yourself not having gone at all! Such is the charm and popularity of Ireland’s (and now the whole world’s) favorite drink. 

The credit for Baileys truly goes to the 38,000 top-bred dairy cows of Ireland, which graze on almost 1,500 carefully selected farms of the country, primarily on its east coast. The rich cream is then produced from their milk, which lends the unique flavor to the highest-sold, duty-free liqueur brand in the world. A perfect complement to everything from simple coffee to rich desserts. 

8. Thai Iced Tea (Thailand)

Iced tea is the first thought that comes to mind in the sweltering heat, right? A glassful of this chilled beverage is all you could ask for on a hot summer day. And where is its best version found? In Thailand. It is the country’s most incredible tea, unique in taste and serving style. Did you know that the Thais serve their iced tea to customers in a plastic bag from street carts? The tea is prepared bright orange in color and its strong but sweet caffeine kick is loved by all.

It’s essentially prepared from black tea, which is brewed strongly and then mixed with condensed milk and spices. Unique, right?

Tasty yet Healthy Beverages for Kids

We’ve covered the top beverage choices for adults in the above section. Now, let’s look at what our kids like to state as their top choices when it comes to beverages. Here are a few that are tasty and healthy too, specifically meant for kids only.

Coconut Water

This one’s a perfect choice for kids and adults alike but even healthier for tiny tots. This is because it’s a much better alternative to sipping sodas, sport, and aerated drinks, which kids so love to drink. Besides, coconut water is a storehouse of vital nutrients – vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium.

Fruit and vegetable smoothies

A great way to feed fruits and veggies to your little one. Just sneak a few (which they refuse to eat otherwise) into a homemade smoothie and let them enjoy a healthy and tasty drink. You can make them with anything but the most favorite combinations liked by children include kale and pineapple, spinach and blueberries, peach and cauliflower, and strawberries, and beetroot. 


Drinks complement every meal, whether at home or in an eat-out setting. There’s something incomplete without them. There are drinks for every season, every reason, and every individual too. Depending on your taste, mood, or preference, you can tweak them up a bit and enjoy a relaxing, refreshing beverage, whenever, wherever. Just make sure what you drink is equally healthy too because of taste matters but your health matters even more, especially in the long run.

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