6 Amazing Benefits of Living in a Small Space

In many cultures around the world, people intentionally live in smaller apartments and other tiny spaces. Even though that type of living arrangement can be difficult to organize at times, there are certain, huge benefits of it. If you plan on living in a large city, such as New York, Moscow, or Tokyo, it’s well-known that smaller spaces are easier to find and afford. Therefore, if you’re struggling with the idea of living in a tiny space, here are some amazing upsides that might hopefully make you change your mind.

Tiny spaces are easier if you’re not in a financial situation to find something larger. Smaller living space is definitely a much better option since your monthly energy bills will be much lower.

Additionally, you’ll be inclined to spend less money on furniture and other decors, simply due to lack of space, which can be a great solution if you’re trying to save money or live a more minimalist lifestyle that requires fewer possessions and consumption.

If you decide to spend less on your partner, you’ll be able to save for other things, such as traveling or education.

You’ll spend less time cleaning

Living in a bigger apartment is great, as long as you don’t have to clean it. Cleaning is often time-consuming and sometimes even straight-up difficult when living in a big place.

Therefore, if you can’t afford to live in a larger space, then it’s good news to know that smaller apartments are easier to maintain, which is amazing for everyone who’s too busy for such tasks.

In case your schedule is too hectic, then living in a smaller space is definitely a great idea as it’ll save you a lot of time that you’d otherwise spend cleaning.

It’s a brilliant solution for young, career-oriented professionals

A tiny space might seem challenging at first, but for young millennials who are more career-oriented, it can be a great solution. These people, who are driven, and focused on achieving their career goals aren’t interested in living in large homes, so opting for serviced studios for rent is a much better option.

Hence, if you recognize yourself here, feel free to consider a similar living arrangement, as you’ll have more time to work on your career without worrying about rent and other expenses. Plus, if you opt for additional services such as housekeeping, you’ll be free to enjoy your free time as you please, which is a huge benefit.

Decorating will be much cheaper

Choosing the right decor is often an expensive endeavor, however, when living in a tiny space, things are much more optimistic. Simply, a smaller apartment means less space, which also means less money spent on furniture and various decor pieces.

But, since chances are you’ll save money on such things, it’s safe to say, you can splurge on more expensive details that you like. For example, a nice painting or a warm rug can certainly add a lot of warmth and character to your tiny apartment.

You’ll finally be able to declutter

Decluttering is something we must do periodically, in order to avoid having too many possessions. Even though owning certain items “just in case” isn’t a bad idea, a small space isn’t the best opportunity to do so.

Therefore, being able to declutter is a definite upside if you move to a tinier apartment because you simply won’t have enough space to store too much. And if you already own stuff that you don’t want to discard, then feel free to choose small space storage solutions that will help you keep your space tidy.

Adding decluttering into your life can definitely help you feel better, both mentally and physically. Once you adopt such an approach, you’ll feel more liberated as a minimalist lifestyle can help you learn to appreciate the right things in life.

Moving out will be much easier

Sometimes, moving out is inevitable, no matter how much you love your current place of residence. However, if you opt for a tiny space, then moving out will be much easier for one simple reason: you’ll have fewer belongings, which means you’ll spend less time packing.

This is a truly important benefit, especially if you work a high-pressure job that requires you to be present and dedicated. Living in a small apartment will surely save you a lot of time if you decide to move someplace else.


These are great benefits if you’re still unsure whether to move to a tiny space. But, keep in mind that moving to a new, smaller residence will also reduce your carbon footprint and boost your creativity, which is an amazing upside, especially if you are environmentally-conscious or work in the creative field.

Finally, remember that opting for a smaller apartment is a wonderful way to bring more coziness and warmth to your life, and that is sometimes, the best benefit of them all.

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