5 Clever Ideas To Keep Your Living Room Nicely Built Around Double Hung Timber Windows

Whether your house is out in the bush or in the heart of the city, you always aim to make the living room luxe! One approach can be introducing some new elements into the room now and then. But then, once you get some unnecessary things installed in the room, you will start having a whinge about your living room. You don’t want your room to be “a dog’s breakfast”, or do you? Assuming that you don’t, the next 3 minutes will be something for you to cherish.

Today, I bring to you Five tips that aim to create the dream living room you always wanted.

Don’t Settle On Mediocre Windows

Windows are an essential part when we are talking living room. The curtains you hang, the colours you choose, and most importantly, the window that you are installing in the place – all these have to be the epitome of the exceptional talent of the carpenter’s hand.

Most new houses have double hung timber windows in the living rooms. Besides allowing excellent ventilation and style into your room, these also make your home a place where the heart chooses to rest a little longer, and your blood want to flow more happily!

The next time you have guest over at your home, they won’t be willing to leave the living room.

Don’t let The Doors Contradict The Windows

If you have decided to go for the double-hung timber windows, then good enough, but will you be willing to compromise the whole look that the window is about to provide just by choosing the wrong doors?

You can get a variety of doors ranging from all sizes and price. All you need to see is which one goes best with your windows. Perhaps on a hot summer day, when someone is visiting you, the mere sight of the door will make them fresh and excited!

Choose A Television That’s Made With Love

It’s the 21st century, and I don’t feel the need to educate you about the best television in town. Go for the latest tech in the city with the best specs. Here are a few tips for choosing the best TV for your living room.

  • Consider the size of the wall before buying it. See that you have enough space left after you mount the TV.
  • You can also try a TV that camouflages the whole look of your living room. This will add an extra bit of luxury to your living room.
Double Hung Timber Window

Create An Impressive Focal Point

The focal point can be the area you have mounted your TV or the area near your double hung timber windows. Remember that this has to be the area where your eyes can rest in. Never resist yourself from the idea of showing sumptuousness in making the point attractive.

Get a unique portrait or buy some souvenirs that have the power to hold the attention of even the most spontaneous ones. Let true art channel through the focal point and make your living room a place where loving bonds and imaginations prevail.

Get A Floor Lamp

A living room that has a gentle and loving ambience is undefeatable. You can place it wherever you want. However, near the double-hung timber windows is the place where it will feel homely. The floor lamp, when placed near the windows, can lighten up your room with a smudging light that will surely bring in spring to your living room.

The floor lamp, when lit in the evening, feels happy and a complete joy to look at. The framing of the double-hung timber windows and the light from the lamp will dominate every other force that demands attention.


As established, the journey to get the dream living room begins with the best window. A window dictates the whole vibe and substance that comes out from your living room. Get your double hung timber windows from the nearest shop or website today.

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