6 Phenomenal Ideas to Decorate your Living Room in Style

The room in the house that you spend the most time in is definitely the living room. It acts as a social hub and it is where you create lasting family memories. Needless, the interior design of this room should be a priority if you want to have a functional living room. A space ridden with clutter and 20th-century pieces of furniture collecting dust is not considered fancy under any circumstances.

What you need is a combo of brainstorming and shopping in order to turn around the living room’s design. If you’re having trouble with the former, stop worrying because we’ve got X phenomenal ideas you can implement for a bargain price. You can use them all of decide to go forward with just a couple of interior design ideas.

An all-out floral motif

Adding houseplants to the living room seems like a logical choice. However, you should try and extend the floral design pattern that should emanate from the plants. If there’s a lamp next to a vase, then it can be of the same color as the flowers inside the vase.

Furthermore, any wall art like pictures and posters should usher in the same tone as the color of the flowers in vases. If you don’t like flowers, then a general greenish motif is ideal for the entire room.

More often than not, you can achieve this effect just by reupholstering the cushions, rather than replacing the fabric of the entire couch.

A monochromatic room design

The floral motif will go well with house plants but if you don’t own any (there are individuals who like their plants outdoors), then the color palette changes entirely. Instead of finding the true color scheme go for a monochromatic room design.

The best color to go with is grey because it is the most neutral color that allows you to experiment with. You can change the color ratio by alternating between darker and lighters shades of grey.

Yes, we know which bestseller you are thinking about, but keep the variations to no more than 4 to 5 shades of grey, rather than 50.

Extra seating: The ottoman


One of the most troublesome areas of the living room in terms of space is the zone behind the coffee table. The sofa goes against the wall and a coffee table goes in front of it but should you add another piece of furniture next to it, provided there is extra space? A chair is bulksome so it’s out but there is another seating option that fits in ideally.

The ottoman is an ideal addition to the living room, although homeowners sometimes overlook its functionality. There are several types of ottomans, from those that feature four legs, to smaller, round versions. Whichever type you fancy, make sure the design and the color of its upholstery match the rest of the living room.

Books, books everywhere


Although the main function of a book is not to sit idle on shelves, bookcases make for a stylish interior decor addition to the living room. When you come to think of it, where else can you display your book collection if not in the living room and possibly the bedroom?

A typical bookshelf is slim enough to fit next to the widescreen TV, yet tall enough to house the most of your collection. If you really want to give out the impression of orderliness, you can play with book spines to arrange them in a certain pattern (perhaps a floral one) or cut out customized book jackets.

Establishing a focal point

Now that you know are aware of all the pieces of furniture that go into the living room, you need an efficient method or arranging them. The best method that professional interior design teaches us is the creation of a focal point. This will serve as the virtual center of the room towards which all furniture will be directed.

In most homes, the wall-mounted TV screen serves as the focal point. An alternative is the coffee table, around which the sofa, the armchair, and the aforementioned ottoman are positioned. In older homes, the mantelpiece was usually the focal point, which is still the case in many homes in the country.

Windows instead of walls

dreamlike living room

This last stylish home improvement might require a somewhat bigger investment. If the living room is in the corner of the house and there are several large windows openings in the walls, you can create a greenhouse of sorts.

Converting walls into glass panes might not come cheap but the benefits are extraordinary. Not only do you get a living room full of style but the whole space starts receiving more natural light. Add a view to this equation and you get a dreamlike living room that few other estates can boast with.

There you go, these were 6 phenomenal ideal to decorate your living room in style. This list is by no means exhaustive, as interior design and human imagination are limitless in terms of novel décor solutions for the living room.

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