4 Pro Tips To Buy The Distinctive Calacatta Marble

When you see the adorable marbles on the sculptures and many cathedrals, you must have noticed the elegant and dramatic veining in gold, white, and grey sprawling over the surface of the marbles. It is the perfect instance of the royal Calacatta Marble which is presently the top choice of homeowners for home renovation. The Calacatta gold marble is suitable for your kitchen as it blends in well with the metallic touch of the appliances there. It can be challenging to choose the right marble for the remodelling job, especially with limited knowledge about the specific type.

Tips For Selecting The Best Marble

These days, it has become quite difficult to check the slabs in person, especially due to the pandemic. So here are some tips for choosing the right form of Calacatta Marble. 

Tip #1: High-Definition Pictures

There is a higher chance of selecting wrong models of marbles owing to two reasons:

  1. You cannot simply get to Italy and buy the best slabs at a fair price. You cannot visit the warehouse either. 
  2. Even if you view the marble slabs in the warehouse, you can see only one of the many slabs that represent the original block from which the sellers cut the slab.
  3. All the slabs have a slight difference in the colours and vein variations and hence you will have a hard time gauging how the actual piece will look. 

All you will have to do is request high-definition and best-quality photos to make the final decision. 

Tip #2: Know About Specific Issues

If you are planning to reserve the Calacatta Marble slabs for the bathroom, kitchen, or countertop, it is better to ask whether the slabs gave some specific issues, including

  • Resined natural cracks
  • Small holes or Barolo
  • Tears

Although these issues are minor and can add a little character to the natural stone surface, you should be aware of major threats that endanger the durability of the marble slabs. 

Tip #3: Specify Matching Veins

If there is a requirement for veins to match in your particular project, you need to specify the factor to the supplier. You must also inquire whether the manufacturers cut the slab of Calacatta Marble applying the book match method or using the conventional method. Also check for the following:

  • The thickness of the slabs
  • Veins 

Once you see these factors, you can be sure about the quality. 

Tip #4: Maximum Exploitation Method

You should ideally select the Calacatta Marble slab that will be closest to your requirement for the dimensions of your project. This way, you can ensure maximum utilization of the marble slab with minimum wastage. As the marble slabs are expensive, the slightest waste will imply the loss you won’t agree with. 

It is a distinct look with bold and thick veining. This marble shows the soft veins in plenty. This is the speciality of such marbles. The Calacatta Marble has few but more dramatic and unstructured veins. The veins look as dramatic and elegant as a vintage home should look like. It will blend perfectly for those royal looking houses. The architects and designers appreciate the global appearance as it enhances the aesthetic with the veining on the white background.

If you choose the whiter forms, you have to pay more because of the delicate texture and colour. The maintenance of white ones will be difficult including the manufacturing and the storing. It is impossible to manipulate the designs as the natural veining patterns are the unique characteristic of the marble.

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