10 Reasons to Start an SEO Campaign for Your Business in 2020

Anyone who paid attention to the world of marketing in the previous decade has heard plenty about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is no longer imperative just for large corporations but for small businesses as well. If you’ve been thinking about starting an SEO campaign in 2020 but you’re not sure whether you should go through with it or not, here are ten reasons why the answer is yes.

Increased organic traffic

Right now, there are almost 4.5 billion people on the web and most of them begin their every online journey with a search engine. According to reports, over 3.5 billion searches take place online every day.

With that in mind, it’s obvious that there’s plenty of opportunities for people to find your website and take a better look at your product. Of course, the better you rank on search engine result pages, the more likely users are to access your website.

Trustworthiness and credibility

With so many businesses online in 2020, it’s safe to say people will be struggling to decide which company they should turn to. As history taught us, they tend to trust the companies that rank well the most and usually end up turning to them. By ranking well, not only do you attract more customers but also boost your brand’s credibility, which is always a good thing.

A long-term investment

SEO is here to stay. As mentioned above, SEO has gained a lot of attention in the 2010s and there’s no doubt the same will continue to happen in this decade. This is exactly why starting an SEO campaign this year makes a lot of sense.

Investing in SEO can make an impact that’ll last for years to come and help you propel your organization to success. The more money and time you put into it, the more it can impact your company over the course of the next few years.

Improved user experience

Optimal user experience is a huge part of ranking well on search engine result pages. Algorithms that the search engines use have evolved and can now understand how user-friendly a website is.

The best part of it is that, by optimizing your website for user experience, you both improve your rankings and encourage people to stick around. Experts such as those at Elevate Digital can help you design an SEO- and user-friendly website.

Amazing ROI

Just like with everything else in the business world, you have to spend money if you want your SEO campaign to work. But when compared to your business’s benefit, the amount of money you’re supposed to invest in your campaign seems to be relatively low.

SEO is known to lead to an amazing ROI and is no longer considered a mere marketing cost but a real investment for businesses in all sectors.

Increased visibility

One of the things users love the most about the internet is that it gives them a chance to do their research before making a purchase. By starting an SEO campaign, you make it much easier for them to come across your messaging for good deals and popular products.

Increased visibility impacts the buying cycle in a positive manner and can do wonders for your revenue. Being visible has never been more important and relying on SEO to get there is something you can’t go wrong with.

Staying involved

The internet and digital marketing are constantly evolving. There are new trends emerging almost every day and only businesses that manage to stay on top of those trends can succeed.

Starting an SEO campaign is a great way to stay involved and learn more about the environment of the web. Do this and you’ll find it easier to come up with the right tactics to stay ahead of the pack. Stay up to date with new trends by subscribing to sites such as Search Engine Journal.

Tracking impact

Keeping track of your SEO efforts isn’t tough, especially compared to how difficult it is to track some more traditional marketing efforts. With proper tracking and analytics, you can measure almost anything related to your SEO campaign and gain clear insight into how well it’s performing. This allows you to understand where you are and where you’re going in terms of SEO performance.

Local search

Mobile search and voice search has taken the world by storm and local SEO is now one of the leading SEO trends. In fact, local SEO is often considered mandatory for the success of businesses across all industries.

When users search for a company in your niche on Google or map local search, providing them with things such as your address and website makes them more likely to choose you over your competitors.

Opening new opportunities

A good SEO campaign also provides a means for your business to discover new opportunities. The better you rank, the more people will be able to find out about your business and come to you with ideas and propositions. Also, companies that rank well on search engines usually have less trouble attracting top talent when hiring.


Starting a quality SEO campaign is always going to be beneficial to your brand and its marketing efforts. If you haven’t started one already, make sure you think about doing it in 2020.

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