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Bored of the dim-lit and boring office where you spend your time from nine-to-six in your dull desk and your four-walled cubicle, facing an existential crisis every single weekday? Then well, quirky co-working spaces are made just for you.

Co-working is the latest fashion statement in the very dynamic startup landscape of the country with a Google survey showing that the number of people searching for “Coworking spaces” have been recorded never before.

What is appealing to the startups is the rapid emergence of these plug and play office space solutions with minimal membership fees that provide a flexible work environment while retaining the professional atmosphere.

co-working spaces

The co-working industry in India as such is witnessing exponential growth. A research report prepared by JLL in collaboration with CII and WeWork shows that the demand for the shared workspaces is expected to rise considerably in the coming years, backed by the fact that 42% of the population would be residing in urban areas by 2025, making coworking a truly disruptive business model.

The very perception of co-working is considered as a lucrative opportunity for cost management while giving the same operating flexibility when compared to the traditional workspaces to the startup owners.

Besides this, startups tend to scale in an exponential manner in which providing for proportional investment in infrastructure is a headache that the investors would like to avoid.

Co-working gives the liberty to expand teams without strain or limitations. Another plus point in favor of co-working would be the networking opportunities it offers.

All co-working spaces mostly have an incubation center inbuilt with the intention of mentoring the founders and professional in the right direction. Most of the co-working spaces do organize conferences at regular intervals of time which helps in connecting the startups with potential investors.

Recognizing the potential of a co-working space in encouraging and bringing together startups and entrepreneurial minds under one roof, Tier 2 cities like Chandigarh are coming up with more and more co-working spaces. To know more about Chandigarh’s finest coworking office space visit at SpaceJam Coworking Offices

Working from home certainly hurts productivity due to the constant annoyance of the vegetable and milk vendors. Plus, you may not be able to stimulate work-related conversations. One may think to switch over to a private office space in such a scenario.

However, a bustling and exciting office environment motivates a person to work harder. Moreover, maintenance and security deposits can be avoided providing a sure shot strategy of cost management. It also has an edge against coffeeshops as it helps the user dodge the embarrassment of ordering something each time the waiter passes by.

According to the Global Co-working Survey conducted by Deskmag and supported by WUN Systems and Nexudus Spaces, a majority of the respondents opted for a co-working space because of its social or enjoyable atmosphere.

The co-working community and social interaction were also highly rated reasons. Also, the respondents to the survey emphasized the fact that one size does not fit all.

In a co-working culture, each person should adapt and be creative enough to allow headroom for design and development. Setting up of shared office spaces on the IT corridor of cities also provides the anticipated bandwidth for the expansion of teams and enhances user experience.

These spaces have proven themselves to be reliable and dynamic platforms for collaboration. There are numerous lounges as well as conference rooms in the co-working spaces to serve the ultimate business purposes.

The working trends of the future are quite imminent. Workspaces are rapidly changing and adapting to the movement because it primarily meets the demands of the marketplace due to the advancements in the field of technology.

In today’s world, remote operations have been made possible with the help of personal devices and improved mobile technologies. The improved technology has enabled the resource holders access to remote areas and hence distribute its workforce through the commencement of satellite office in smaller cities, thereby fashioning a cost-efficient option.

All that glitters are not gold, they say. However, when it comes to the facilities provided by these shared office spaces, they are in no way lesser significant than those found in a well established corporate setup.

Cafeterias, hangout spots, couches, creches, relaxing zones, frustration zones, gymnasiums, conference rooms, Wi-Fi (as if anything is more important), whiteboard, gardens, private meeting areas, flower vases, printers, coffee machines, event spaces, gaming arenas etc., they have almost everything under the sun. Such facilities are a big hit with all the employees, be it a millennial freelancer or a well established corporate organization.

Co-working spaces are slowly defining the way business should be carried on and is here to stay for quite a long time.

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