VSI Secret on How to Clear CA Foundation in First Attempt


“Road to success is not easy, but it becomes easy when you follow the footprint of successful peoples.”

We all know CA is one of the toughest courses in India, so it’s not possible that every student who registers himself in the CA course could clear the exam. If we met ten people in a day, then we find all ten people think differently on the same topic. So never judge yourself on behalf of others thoughts of the same thing. And the same thing with the CA course, students often ask about CA courses to those people who couldn’t clear any CA exams.

Every year lots of students register for the CA course, but few of them can clear the CA exams. A huge number of students pass the CA foundation, but as they process to the next level, the number of passing students are very low.

Every student can clear CA foundation in the first attempt. They just need a proper environment, expert guides and VSI provide all these things to every student. In the list of the best institutes of CA, VSI rules on the top. VSI is dwelling for CA toppers i.e. in CA Foundation Toppers, CA Intermediate Toppers and CA Final Toppers.

Subjects in CA Foundation

After 12th commerce students, CA is easier and reasonable Course than any other course because commerce students learn the basics of accountancy in the 11th and 12th, and CA course is mostly about accountancy, so for commerce students, CA become easier and CA Course fees is less than any other course in India. CA foundation is the first exam in CA course exams. It conducts four exams. If students want to score best in the first attempt, then only VSI is the best institute that can help students.

Below I will share the name of CA foundation subjects-

Numbers of subject Name of Subject
1 Principles and Practices of Accounting
2 Business Law and Business Correspondence and Reporting  
3 Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning and Statistics  
4 Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge  

VSI 10 Tricks and tips for how to clear CA Foundation in First Attempt

VSI is well known for the best institute of CA in India. Every institute wants that it could be the best institute for CA, but because of VSI, it’s a dream for other institutes. The institute has the best professional faculty, students affable notes, additional problem classes.

This institute is heaven for those students who want to clear CA exams in the first attempt. So let’s talk about the VSI’s ten tricks, which help students to clear CA foundation in First attempt.

1- Priority to accounts

To score good marks in CA Foundation, students have to give priority to accounts because accounts are a basic subject for any commerce student, and they already cleared about the basis of accountancy.

2- Mercantile Law of CA foundation

Mercetalie law is an important subject for CA foundation. If a student is clear about acts like partnership act, sales act, etc. then mercantile law is the best subject to score good in CA foundation exams and clear CA Foundation in First attempt.

3-economics of CA foundation

Economics is a scoring subject in CA foundation because economics is a subject that is a partially theoretical and partially practical subject. For scoring good in economics, students need to command over some theories.

4- Quantitative Aptitude of CA foundation

Quantitative Aptitude is maybe difficult for those students who are not good at maths, but for the students who love statistics, quantitative Aptitude is the best subject in CA foundation.

5- Do did not try to attempt 100% paper

Before any exam, maybe it is your class exam, professional exam, or it’s a competitive exam Students have to learn this thing that does not try to attempt 100% paper because if they try this, they are not able to attempt those questions in which students are perfect.

6- Try different reading method

In exams, students waste their precious time reading the paper, so if students want to clear their CA foundation exams in the first attempt then they have to use a different type of method like in starting read fast and after that read slowly twice.

7- Try different revision method for CA foundation

While revision students have to revision those chapters first which they attempt first and not sure about the answers.

8- Exercise old papers

Before exams, only old papers are more fruitful for students than any other things, so for scoring well in CA foundation students have to practice mock test paper and practice old papers of CA foundation.

9- Fix time table

“A fool with a plan can fail a smart person” this is a very famous and old saying, and this is perfectly fit the students. A student who is not good in class and tests can score well in exams with following a fix time table.

10- Be positive

Apart from all the things, students have to be positive and surrounded themself with only positive peoples. Because a positive person can do anything, and a negative person can’t do the basic works.

Why Join VSI Jaipur for CA Foundation Preparation?

“If you want to go far, then walk alone, but if you want to achieve a milestone, then walk with experience peoples.”

Every student wants the best results of the exam, but only a few students can get the results, how is it possible?

It’s only possible when students have the best guidance, a good environment, and where a student can get all of these things. So the answer is VSI because VSI is the best institute for CA in India.

Reasons why VSI is the best institute

  • A good environment for studies
  • Better notes for CA foundation
  • Experience faculty
  • Hostel facility
  • Extra problem classes
  • The pivot of CA foundation toppers
  • Towering name in CA exam results.
  • VSI is the Center of All India 1st rankers of CA exams for a decade.


VSI is the pre-eminent institute for CA students and the best institute for those students who prepare for the CA foundation exam. An average student can clear any exam if he or she gets the proper resource for studies because of the lake of the resource. VSI provides the best resource of studies to students. Director of VSI MR R.C. Sharma says that they can turn an average student into a next CA foundation topper with using the VSI pattern of studies.

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