Top Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Let’s face it. It’s not an easy task to find out the right and safe online shopping website in 2019. Thousands of e-commerce websites offer their products and services nowadays. Some e-commerce website owners are maintaining all the rules and regulations of the authority that an online business owner should follow.

On the other hand, You’ll find a lot of e-commerce websites that do not follow all the rules and regulations even if they don’t have SSL certificates.

The question is: Is every e-commerce website safe for you?

In a word, I can tell “NO”!

Every e-commerce website is not safe for you. To find out the best and safest e-commerce website you can follow the following tips. You just need to apply your common sense with remembering under these basic guidelines. If you bear these tips in your mind,  you can shop with full of your confidence.

1. Use Famous and Familiar Websites

Always shop from familiar sites. Search engine results can be rigged to lead you amiss. Particularly when (you drive past the first 10 links.) Almost everyone knows that  Amazon carries everything under the sun; similarly, just about every major retail outlet also has an online store.

Beware of misspellings. You also should avoid unfamiliar domains instead of top-level such as Amazon.oiyy, ebay.jkg, etc.

2. Check SSL Certificate

Never buy anything online using credit card from a site that doesn’t have SSL, commonly known as secure sockets layer, encryption installed.

Before purchasing, You should check whether the site has SSL; if it does not have so the URL for the site will start with HTTPS in lieu of HTTP.

You’ll see an icon of a locked which will appear generally to the left of the store link in the address bar.

HTTPS is spanking standard right now on non-shopping sites, enough that Google Chrome flags any page without the extra S as “not secure.” So a site without it should stand out even more.

For an eCommerce website, it is necessary to have an SSL cert. So, avail the benefit of SSL certificates like single domain, wildcard SSL certificate, or multi-domain SSL for website security. Find the right type of SSL cert at a cost-effective price today.

What is an SSL Certificate?

According to, SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. Typically, an SSL certificate entrusts your credit card numbers, username, passwords, and other sensitive information which you should be safe from hacking.

If an e-commerce website ensures an SSL certificate, the information becomes unreadable to everyone except for the server you are sending the information.

3. Don’t Share Your Personal Information

No online shopping authority needs your Social Security number or your birthday to give their service. Nevertheless, if you share your credit card number or any other personal information with them without any thought, they can simply do a lot of damage in no time. The more scammers know your information, the easier it is to steal your identity and hacking your credit card.

That’s way, give up as little personal data as possible and stay safe zone.

4. Check Balance Statements Regularly

Don’t wait for your bill which comes at the end of the month. Check your statements before and after of per transaction. Go to your online wallet account and apps regularly, even if the holiday season looks at electronic statements for your credit card, debit card, checking accounts and online bank statements. Don’t be indolent to check purchasing statement which sends on your email by the authority.

After all, you should plainly only buy online with a credit card. If you use your debit card, scammers have direct access to your bank account.

If you see that something is wrong, note down the phone to address the matter quickly. In the case of credit cards, pay the bill only when you know all your charges are accurate and there is no pop-up.

5. Create Strong Passwords and Avoid Using the Same Password in everywhere

Don’t use your name, father’s name, famous place, or favorite numbers as a password.

Create a different strong password for every account.

Imagine, You have 300 online accounts with the same password, what will happen if scammers can know about your passwords. They’ll be able to hack your all accounts in no time.

For this reason, Stop using the same password in every online account. And I can simply suggest you to use a password manager to keep your account safe from scammers.

Of course, in every password manager software, there is a password generator feature that can create strong passwords to keep your accounts more secure and safe from scammers.

However, If you don’t want to use password manager software or extension,  you can manage a sheet to keep your password safe. Here are some examples of strong passwords. Let’s look at a glance.





However, I can finally tell you that Online shopping is the process of purchasing products or services without going to any shop or outlet. Nowadays Online shopping is getting more popular because it is easy to buy the product staying at home or office. It also saves people’s time, energy, and Prices of comparison.

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