Top Things To Do In Ipswich In 2022

On the outskirts of Brisbane, Australia’s state of Queensland is home to the small rural village of Ipswich. The English town of Ipswich has inspired a town in Queensland with the same name. Nearby Brisbane’s major business center, Ipswich is a half-hour drive.

Due to its rich historical past, Ipswich is a popular holiday destination for individuals. Who likes learning about the past. For those who want to get away from it all. Queensland’s oldest provincial town features a vibrant nightlife scene with clubs, restaurants, and other entertainment options. When it comes to vacationing, beer and food lovers are flocking to Ipswich. Excited to go there? Without thinking much, start planning, book hawaiian airlines reservations in any class and save up to 45% off on every flight till the last minute. To make it easy for you, we’ve rounded up some of the best things to do in Ipswich to make your visit worthy:

Hiking Is A Great Way To Get Some Fresh

Ipswich is a great place to go hiking, and there are several trails to pick from in the surrounding region. The 2,500-acre Spring Mountain Conservation Estate features a variety of hiking options, including rocky outcrops, wooded trails, and cliffside views. Among the 2,200 hectares of woods on the Flinders-Goolman Conservation Estate are Mount Catherine, Flinders Peak, and Mount Blaine. People of all fitness levels may enjoy the estate’s hiking trails.

Breakfast Is Available At The Queen’s Park Cafe

With its accessibility to many tourist attractions and a view of the park, the Queens Park Cafe is a good choice for a hearty breakfast in the neighborhood. Once you’ve finished your morning meal, visit the nearby animal sanctuary before taking a walk around the Japanese garden. Additionally, the menu of Queen’s Park Cafe focuses on modern Australian cuisine from local suppliers. Since 1864, Queens Park, one of Queensland’s oldest parks, has given tourists a peaceful place to unwind.

Take A Tour Of The Wild Animal Sanctuary

Experts from the Wildlife Animal Centre will be on hand to answer your questions on themes such as the welfare of animals, health, and reproductive cycles. Scholars who care profoundly about preserving the region’s unique flora and wildlife have joined forces with the Spicers Resort and the University of Queensland to create this center.

Eat At Dovetails

While visiting the Pumpyard, stop into Dovetails for a scrumptious Modern Australian lunch prepared with local ingredients. Served atop sautéed wild mushrooms in soy butter, the Wagyu strip loin is finished with fresh horseradish and wasabi aioli. What about a meal of crocodile tail cooked with local herbs, served with a rosella compote, a little salad, and a squeeze of lemon? Dovetails, a restaurant in Ipswich, is located at 88 Limestone Street.

The Best Way To Get A Bird’s Eye View Of The City Is To Go On A Sightseeing Trip

Located among beautiful older buildings, Ipswich’s “Top of Town” sector is a heritage-listed area with a variety of cafes, restaurants, art galleries, and shops to explore. On the block of Brisbane Street between Ellenborough and Waghorn Streets, you’ll find vintage shops, boutiques, home decor, and art supply stores. A commercial mall has been built within the old flour mill designed by George Brockwell Gill.

A Tribute Is A Place Where You May Have A Leisurely Dinner

To honor the land and the wealth of the local produce, the restaurant’s name symbolizes this passion in the form of a motto. One may get there in an hour by driving, and it is situated in Spicers Secret Vale, which is a sprawling property in the middle of the city. High ceilings, wood and leather, and floor-to-ceiling stone fireplaces provide winter warmth as part of the interior design mix of contemporary and classic components.

You May Cool Down With A Refreshing Beverage From The Pumpyard Bar And Brewery

Located in a structure that was previously a Technical College, the Pumpyard Bar and Brewery is now a popular bar and brewery. Craft beer, live music, and a laid-back vibe evoking memories of Queensland are all found here, making it a popular hangout for residents. Eat a juicy burger or choose from a selection of American favorites including chicken parmigiana, pizza, or fried camembert wedges at this restaurant. There are many more possibilities.

Look Around At A Few Other Antique Stores

Antiquing is a popular pastime for tourists visiting Ipswich, a town with a rich history. It’s best to start at the Ipswich Antique Center, although there are a number of other places where you may buy vintage goods. The Ipswich Antique Center is housed in a heritage-listed structure constructed in 1895 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A wide range of goods, from jewelry to clothing to pottery to furniture may be purchased at the market.


Many of Ipswich’s historic buildings, as well as its many parks and animals, contribute to the city’s many recreational activities that you may already know about. So, why wait? Book your trip with AirlinesMap and head to this place with your family or friends for a wonderful vacation..!

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