Some aspects on Liposuction Vs Vaser

Many people suffer from problems related to fat in their body. The fat storage in the different parts of the body can also affect the other organs in the body. Therefore, doctors recommend going for surgeries which will help cut the fat. There are different types of surgery which are used for this purpose.

It is also necessary that you get the liposuction Richmond done by an experienced surgeon. However, traditional Liposuction and Vaser are the most common ones that are chosen by the people. But the two processes are not the same and they involve different techniques and results.

Here are some of the differences between traditional Liposuction and Vaser.

Surgical procedure

Vaser lipo uses ultrasound technology to break down the fat cells. The technique involves ultrasonic frequency waves which are directed towards the fat. This breaks the fat and then the surgeon can remove the extra fat using a suction process.

However, the traditional liposuction uses physical stimulation to suction the fat that is stored under the skin layer. The process involves a cannula for the removal of the excess fat cells from the patient’s body.

Recovery time

The recovery time of the traditional liposuction Richmond and the Vaser Lipo are different. It takes about 2-3 weeks to fully recover from a Vaser treatment. The body needs a good amount of time after the surgery to function properly.

Therefore, you should avoid doing strenuous work after Vaser lipo. However, the recovery time for traditional liposuction can extend up to 1-2 months but you can easily return to your work after 2-3 weeks. The doctor may also recommend you wear a compression garment for some time.

The time required for the results to show

In Vaser lipo, you will get to see the results after about 6 weeks of the surgery. The skin tightens a bit just after the procedure however; it takes some time for proper tightening of the skin.

Moreover, your doctor may also recommend some other medicines and procedures that you need to get your skin tightened properly. But your health risks will reduce soon after the fat removal procedure. In the case of the traditional liposuction, the patients get to see the results after 1-3 months.

The time for showing the results varies from person to person. It also somewhat depends on the surgeon’s techniques to get faster results after surgery in both types of surgeries.

Both these surgical techniques are effective however, you must be very careful about the surgeon you chose for the purpose. Also, make sure that the place where you are getting the surgery done is accredited and registered. You should also consult with the surgeon or the doctor before the surgery if you have doubts.

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