Here’s Why Homeowners Choose To Sell Their Property To Cash Buyers

There are listings everywhere for companies who are making cash offers to sellers for the properties. Depending on the market you live in this can be a lucrative deal for homeowners. If you are looking to get out from under a mortgage fast, or need to relocate are just a couple of reasons that homeowners choose to sell their property for an all-cash deal. If you have been considering selling your home for cash, search for “we buy houses” online for a reputable cash buyer near you.

Competitive Offers

There is a formula for determining the value of your home depending on factors such as the demographic area that you live in, and the fair market value of your home. Companies advertising “we buy houses” are currently very popular.  The company you choose should be able to show you their business model and be completely transparent on how they came to the dollar amount they are offering you for your property.

No Contingencies

Normally selling your home is a long and complicated process that can also be very costly. When selling your house for cash to a company that lists as “we buy houses” online or in print, gone are the days of bank approvals, underwriters, and mortgage applications. Not worrying about issues at closing you can relax because you will be selling your house in the most direct manner possible, dealing with only the interested buyer, making the process streamlined and uncomplicated.

No Hidden Costs

There are no inspections required in the case of an all cash sale. Traditionally you would need to have an inspector come out and a list would be made of all the damage needing repairs. Some of these repairs can be very costly such as replacing a roof. With no repairs required you can save time and money.

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No Fees

When you factor in there are no third party fees such as escrow fees, realtor commissions, or brokerage fees you stand to save a bundle of money. There is also no title or title insurance fee, document stamps, recording fees, transfer taxes, or settlement fees often included on traditional contracts.

Accept Cash Offer

Your final offer will be in writing and will be a legal and binding document. Have an idea of what you consider to be a fair offer and consider checking online with a value estimator created for helping you estimate what your property is actually worth. If you are satisfied that what you are being offered aligns with what your property is worth you are all set to sign the paperwork. 

Pick Your Closing Date

One of the best things about selling your property to a “we buy houses” company is that you don’t have to wait around for a closing date. You can pick your own closing date and make it fit the timeline that is convenient for your needs. If you need to close right away for the fast cash, or if you could use some extra time packing up your belongings to transfer to the new residence, you have those options available to you.

Get Paid

Getting paid is also easier than ever before by selling your home for cash. There are no obstacles in your way when you eliminate the hassle of traditional marketing, banks, and escrows. Just accept the contract, sign your name, and get paid. It is a completely painless process when you sell your house to a cash buyer.

It’s That Easy

It really is that easy to sell your house quickly while getting the best possible cash deal. By not having to make costly repairs and wait months on a traditional real estate sale you are saving time and money. You may be surprised how much your property is worth on a cash offer for your home. Find out more about selling your home for a cash offer today by searching online for “we buy houses” today.

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