5 Key Tips to Work Effectively with Your Remote Marketing Team

A remote marketing team made up of energetic and motivated team members can be more efficient than a team working in an onsite office. Why? Because remote workers can take advantage of all the perks associated with remote work. Industries like property management, real estate, technology, food services and many others are improving their remote working operations, so shouldn’t you as well?

The following five hints will lead you and your team into a world of highly effectual marketing.

The Team

Regardless of how long a member has been a part of your team it is imperative that you create a feeling of inclusiveness amongst all remote-working team members.

There should be no inside jokes, snide comments or double entendres that exclude a member. Your team should generate synergy and use each individual’s skills to enhance the outcome of the project together. 

Utilize the strengths of each part of your team. If your team will be working together for a protracted amount of time, make the effort to create team moments and promote casual time where members can help each other celebrate milestones, both personal and business.

By fostering feelings of well-being and inclusiveness you will enhance the team’s ability to communicate openly.


A marketing team needs to be able to focus on the short- and long-term goals for clients. Plan how your team will be communicating with each other and with the client. To this end, every member of the team must have access to all pertinent information. 

Nothing seems as unprofessional as multiple members of a team asking the client the same question. Use a software program that gives each team member up-to-date data. Monday.com, Asana and Slack are just three of many platforms that can be used effectively by a marketing team.

Time Management

Time management should be coordinated among the team members. Designate tasks and include specifications of deadlines. Tasks should be presented in an easy-to-use the format that includes checklists for daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities. Scheduling and calendaring should be done for the entire group as well as individual team members. Think of this as a master to-do list. 

Exchange of Information

Sharing data is one of the most vital aspects of creating a truly efficient marketing team. Assigning tasks, collaborating, and checking on progress needs to be done on a regular basis. 

Plan video conferences as often as your project requires and add messaging, emails, and texts to further lines of communication. Never leave strategies or deadlines up to chance. Regular communication can solve many issues that arise from working in a team situation.


Remote meetings are just as easy as in office meetings, perhaps easier because everyone has their own coffee. Schedule internal meetings or client meetings with Zoom, Velocity or another platform that offers visual access. Video conferencing offers a more human aspect to communication than email or chat room messaging. 

When visual clues are available, team member communication is enhanced. Your team can take advantage of face-to-face communication that includes paying closer attention and understanding non-verbal clues which can lead to easier decision making.

Whether you are discussing strategies, financials or simply brainstorming, video conferencing gives you the ability to observe body language and facial expressions.

Your remote marketing team can be highly efficient if you make use of the various methods of communication for team members and clients. A simple “Hi, how are you and where are you on the xyz task?” allows each member of the team to know what is going on. You will create a caring office culture and in turn a more efficient, more motivated team.

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