Office Overhaul – 5 Tips to Help You Manage Your Team Efficiently While Working from Home

As the virus spreads throughout the world, more and more companies have made the bold move to work from home. With less movement around the city, workers and their families can be safer and more comfortable.

However, business owners now face a new challenge: how do you effectively manage staff when you’re no longer working next to them? It’s challenging, but not impossible. Here’s how you can do it.

Keep it Professional

If you want to keep efficiency at an all-time high, then offer the illusion that everything is business as usual for your team. Even though everyone is now working from home, you can still maintain a professional image for them and your customers with virtual offices.

You get to benefit from call and mail forwarding services, along with a business address, but no one is actually working at that address. Customers can still reach each one of your team members, but you keep costs low by not maintaining a permanent office space. 

Utilize Project Apps

Communication can be a considerable problem for project-based corporations that now have to work from home. How are you supposed to make sure everyone is on the same wavelength when you can’t have in-person meetings?

Over 40% of the American workforce now works from home, which means fine-tuning your processes is more important than ever if you want to improve efficiency. Make use of project apps that allow you to track progress, add tasks, and include comments and notes. Each employee can access this platform online and see what they are supposed to be doing and when their deadlines are.

Install Cloud-Based Applications

Cloud-based platforms and applications are offering some phenomenal benefits for businesses. Given that many Americans are now working from home, they are making even more use of this tech than ever before.

By using cloud-based applications, you can access all your work programs and documents without having to be at your office computer. Log in from your home or mobile devices and carry on working as if nothing has changed.

Host Regular Meetings

Though social distancing requirements have made it next to impossible to hold in-person meetings with your team, that doesn’t mean you can’t meet with them at all. There are plenty of online video applications that allow you to check in with your staff whenever you need to.

For the sake of efficiency, aim to hold meetings at least once per week at the same time on the same day. You can then find out what your employees are working on, any issues they are having, and if they have any suggestions for improvements during this challenging time.

Set Clear Outlines

Many people struggle with working from home. They feel like their work schedule is chaotic and they can’t establish a productive routine. However, if you set clear outlines and expectations, you can manage your team efficiently.

It’s also worth reminding your employees that nothing needs to change. Aside from the location and lack of in-person social interaction, it’s business as usual in many respects.

The average workplace looks a whole lot different now than ever before. While it’s different, it doesn’t have to be less efficient or productive. Keep it professional with a virtual office, use tech, and communicate through video meetings while providing clear expectations.

Most importantly, check in with your employees as much as possible. You can manage your team as efficiently as you once did in an office environment.

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