Morocco is Cheap, Affordable and Amazing

Backpacking is my passion and I have been traveling to so many countries exploring the new and hidden places in the world. Recently I paid a one month visit to Morocco and found Morocco the cheapest and the best destination on earth to refresh and unwind after the hectic office routine.

As Morocco is popular for its proximity factor with Europe, I flocked from Rome and reached Marrakech International Airport in 2 hours max, cost me 320€, that makes almost 360 USD. Morocco is an ideal backpacker’s destination I must say.

You can’t expect such cheap and extensive holidays exploring the culture, history and experiencing the moments between the high dunes of Sahara and romping on the mountain hikes. And you know what? Comparatively much lesser I had to spend during my expedition.

traveling to Morocco

Ideally, Keep two to three thousand Dollars with you to have a perfect time During your Holidays.

Actually, that also depends on your way of living in Morocco. I’m a budget backpacker, it was easy for me to find any place to live in 5 to 10$, sometimes cheaper. Some of my friends told me of the hitchhiking and tenting to reduce my expenses, that is an option for you if you want to cut your costs.

According to my experiences there, Morocco is a cheap country full of activities, colors, festivities, and nothing to worry about.

Accommodation costs in Morocco

Are you traveling to Morocco by yourself? Hostels are the cheapest and the most suited for Budget travelers. For me, when I went to Marrakech, I did not opt for any luxury hotels or Riad, Hostels were there for lesser prices and I found the one in $15 per night.

There will be various options of Hostels you will find after wandering in town, Don’t hurry, you are in your town, roam in the streets and Markets to observe the level of your connectivity with that environment, you will find the place to spend the night eventually.

Not comfortable? Move to find the Guesthouse

For example, if you are not comfortable with the hostel’s environs, or you are with your partner or with a friend, you may go to find a nearby guesthouse any moment you want.

The fares of Guesthouses would be slightly different from Hostels with facilities of a separate room, bath and things on your demand. The fare may increase to 200 Moroccan Dirhams, 40-50 dollars on average.

Accommodation costs in Morocco

Ok, so you want to opt for Riad, you may find the Reasonable Riads on your arriving in the town or you may ask for the assistance from your traveling agent to book your living in advance so you will not face any difficulty there. Riads rates start from $60 to $70 per night, not ideal for lonely travelers like me.

Food comes in the first place, Anywhere on earth

Food is cheap in Morocco, but better is to be informed about the actual prices of food items in town, and if the food you are taking is hygienic or not. Restaurants I found there were also so cheap, there were eatables on the open-air markets too, get into the Moroccan street food taste, you’ll enjoy it.

Again, It’s up to you that how you want to keep your trip, there are a plethora of options in food, living, traveling, Morocco never disappoints either you are a solo traveler or traveling with family or friends. Recommendations are to take care of your health and hygiene very well so you can be able to explore the maximum destinations you planned in Morocco.

How much will Transport cost getting you around

Being in Morocco, you will find many ways to get around the town, but to opt for the cheapest way is challenging. I mostly had traveled by bus and that I find the cheapest and feasible comparatively. The train is cheaper, but it depends on which city are you moving from and heading to. I found competition in the facilities and the fares among the bus services in Morocco.

services in Morocco

Traveling from Marrakech to Agadir cost me  29 Dollars, and if you are traveling from Casablanca to Marrakech, it will cost you only 90 Dirhams, that means $24. Did you expect this cheap from Morocco? It’s an amazing country get you to world-class destinations at such low prices.

I will recommend you to use local transport even within the city usage. It will bring you many interesting experiences, most welcoming, Moroccans are so welcoming and hospitable people I found. If you are not comfortable with the idea of roaming around in local transport, you have the option to hire a taxi which can get you to the place you want to go to.

If you can afford, then having a rented car will be the best option for visiting any nook of the town, again, you are the driver of your trip to Morocco, you have to decide that how much can you afford during the holidays in Morocco, Let’s plan your cheapest solo venture to Morocco.

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