Leather Vs. Fabric Couches: Which Material Should You Choose

If you’re searching for a new sofa for your home, you may particularly like the look and feel of leather but wonder if a leather sofa is right for you. Many people are more familiar with the upkeep and advantages of fabric couches, yet leather has a few distinct advantages that warrant the higher price tag.

To help you make your decision, here are a few points to consider when purchasing fabric or leather couches:

1. Leather has a trendier appearance than fabric couches

Leather stands the test of time and offers an upscale style that no fabric couch can quite duplicate. Both leather and fabric couches are available in various colors and textures, though the fabric has more choices at various price points.

2. Leather tends to be easier to clean

Although you can find some higher-priced fabric couches with water-repellent finishes, for the most part, leather tends to be easier to clean. Leather only takes dusting or lightly wiping with a leather cleaner, while fabric tends to absorb dust and liquids more deeply into the fabric, even leaking through to the stuffing underneath.

Leather does require conditioning to prevent cracks and splits, and you should consider professional cleaning for both leather and fabric if the couch starts to look dirty even after cleaning.

3. Consider the upfront cost and longevity of fabric versus leather couches

You will find many fabric sofas at lower price points than leather, but these couches will only last about five years. A quality leather couch could last up to 15-20 years, but you’ll pay more for it upfront. Consider your budget and goals as you plan your purchase, knowing that a more expensive couch is a solid investment.

For leather, you will also find different grades and finishes. Be sure to choose a quality leather couch that feels warm and soft to the touch and has a leather smell. Low-grade or fake leather will smell like chemicals.

4. Consider your pets

Leather is beneficial if you have allergies to dust mites, pet dander, mold, and other allergens. Leather sofas don’t harbor them like a fabric sofa.

However, pets can also scratch up leather couches, so it’s important to keep them off your couches or consider purchasing fabric couches.

5. Leather Couches Work Well for Many but Not All

Most importantly, leather couches are resilient but don’t do well in direct sunlight. If you’re considering a leather couch, place it in a darker room.

Ultimately, leather couches can be a superior option, as long as those using the couch can understand its limitations for scratches and punctures. Even if this were to happen, you could enlist a professional to restore the leather and seal the hole.

Purchase a Leather Couch for Many Years of Quality Comfort

A quality leather couch is a beautiful investment in comfort and style that will stand up to use for many years with proper maintenance and conditioning. Always read the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance and take care of any couch you purchase to extend its lifespan.

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