6 Latest Trends in Men’s Winter Style 2023

One of the many things that winter comes within its package is the need to change one’s wardrobe in response to the chills and mist. The winter’s cladding needs bring together a host of factors, the health concerns regarding the cold weather. As we consider the need to keep warm and remain safe, we must also strive to remain on the right side of fashion. No one wants to dress badly just because it is winter. The greatest match for winter is getting something that keeps you warm and yet in agreement with the current taste and styles.

To prepare for winter, you must go shopping and revitalise your closet accordingly. For men’s outfits, you can spare yourself the burden of having to single them out from unisex stores. Many great stores are dedicated to stocking men’s clads that can help prepare you to dress well for winter. CALIBRE menswear, for instance, will give you all the great options you need to be on the spot for the winter.

Here are six latest trends in men’s fashion that you can consider for winter:

1.   Harrington Jackets

Latest Trends in Men's Winter Style

Harrington jackets come with great satisfaction for winter and remain a perfect way to kill two birds with one stone—fashion and needed warmth. They can be perfect for your smart casual look and a less formal setup during the chilling winters. The difference in fitting outlook has much more to do with how you match with other pieces of apparel. It can go well with a pair of nice khaki pants and a checked shirt. Matching the colour with the khaki pants is a great go and can make you fit nicely in an official or semi-official setup.

Harrington Jackets come in different colours and textures, and you must find your match or taste in the wide assortments on offer. The good thing with Harrington Jackets is that you can still use them even in less cold seasons since they are not easily heated up with external radiation like the traditional leather jackets. Harrington Jackets are there to stay in your wardrobe.

2.   Trench-Coats

Trench Coats

Trench Coats are perfect when you think about winter. They come in different textures, colours, and designs. All meant to keep you at the top of your game during winter. Their fluffy interior ensures you are warm and well-insulated from potential heat loss. While trench coats can fit every setting, they are an ideal match for a more official setup. You can do them with your official shirt and tie for a business meeting or any other official function.

Trench coats come in different designs that mimic the traditional designs that most men love, like the double breast coats and long multi-buttoned coats. Finding a good match for the trench coat can help you flexibly navigate the winters and remain at the top of fashion and style.

3.   Scarves and Beanies


Scarves and beanies are great compliments for most of the wear we can do during winter.  They can fit in every setup so long as they’re set to match well with your entire clad. They will also protect your head and chest from extreme weather.

4.   Winter Gloves

Gloves are non-negotiables during winter unless you want to have your fingers lose their senses and freeze away from duty and usefulness. However, you just can’t go around picking any hand gloves that come your way or that you bump into in the stores. You need to continue with your work despite the cold, and therefore comfortable hand gloves that allow pressing your keyboard with ease, for instance, is the one to consider.

Warm, well-fitting gloves are the perfect ones to give you a good time in winter. And because you may need the gloves in different setups, you will do well to stock a host of them in different colours and textures. For example, it would be absurd to be in a black trench and luminous green hand gloves. Consider your other pieces of personal wear, then give them a fitting part of gloves.

5.   Lug Sole Loafers

When it comes to footwear during winter, most people always think of boots, which is okay. Boots are great for keeping you safe from harsh weather. However, boots may not fit every occasion, especially when considering a more official setup. To have all the odds in your favour, consider lug sole loafers.

Lug sole loafers are perfect for a more official setup and would be a great match with official cotton pants. They are also warm with carefully done soles, raised slightly more than the average loafer. Luckily, they will keep you warm and on the right side of fashion.

6.   Beefy Socks

Beefy Socks

Beefy socks build on the point of the lug sole loafers. Winters are cold, and there are parts of the body you need to protect the extremities. These include the hands and the feet. After putting on your winter gloves, you are not safe unless your feet are well-shod for the chills. Beefy socks will work well with your lug sole loafers.


Cladding for winter needs careful consideration, anchored by the need to enhance safety and remain stylish. This article discusses the six latest trends every man should consider during winter. Also, the men’s fashion industry is continuously evolving. Window shopping in outlets dedicated to menswear will expose you to many more options to ensure your wardrobe is well-buckled for winter.

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