Important Facts You Need To Know About Orthokeratology

Orthokeratology is the term associated with dream lens, ortho-K, and perfect vision whereby Orthokeratology is the contact lens worn during the night to reshape the cornea of the person. The lens is gas-permeable and is said to improve vision paving the way for crystal-clear eyesight.

However, when you go for this corneal refractive therapy or reshaping therapy, you need to be very cautious about splashing water into your eyes, or else, what intensity of light gets refracted into your cornea.

Orthokeratology is sufficient to help achieve that perfect vision. You may thus perform daily responsibilities with ease. It was in the 1940s that the doctors actually discovered a way to reshape the cornea with the use of glass lenses but it was inaccurate and the outcomes were not good.

Even the early design of orthokeratology exhibited unpredictable outcomes and irregular results. It made others think that perhaps the method is not suitable for vision correction. But, in the current times, the technique is giving good results with the use of computers.

Can It Help For Myopia Control? 

The non-surgical procedure for cornea re-shaping and vision correction is gaining ground. Indeed, it is one of the revolutionary ways to attain a crystal clear vision. It eliminates the need for wearing eyeglasses and lenses during the day. You just have to wear them while sleeping and the next morning takes it off.

People who have used contact lenses or eyeglasses on previous occasions they can also use Ortho-K contact lenses. The best part is that with computerized eye examinations now, with high-quality computer testing the whole art of using the best lenses for your eyes has become the talk of the town.

What Are Ortho-K Lenses?

They are rigid and specialized gas permeable contact lenses to be inserted into the eyes while sleeping. So, when you are sleeping, the lenses will flatten the cornea to rectify the refractive error.

It is necessary for the person to insert the lenses every night for the result may be for a short period. Patients are enjoying significant vision improvement with this method. In the beginning, it can take a few days to show results.

How Far Orthokeratology Is Effective?

Ortho-K lenses for Myopia control is very effective on kids. The lenses perfectly mould the cornea and suppress any sort of eye growth. So, kids’ eyes fail to grow on a continuous basis to prevent the worsening of nearsightedness.

This method of vision correction is perfect for people below 18 years of age and there is no associated risk. As children below 18 years of age cannot undergo refractive surgery, this technique of vision correction is perfect. In short, it is a great substitute for refractive surgery.

Helps In The Treatment Of Presbyopia And Hyperopia

Eye Care Center
Eye Care Center
  • Ortho-K lenses help in the treatment of Myopia and various other kinds of vision problems including Presbyopia and Hyperopia.
  • The lenses are now designed to treat a variety of eye problems like presbyopia, astigmatism, and farsightedness.
  • Nowadays, we also have customized ortho-K lenses to suit our needs. Therefore, the ortho-K lenses are precise and control myopia and other vision problems with greater accuracy.
  • Advancement in technology has reduced the number of trial and error in the choice of lenses. The treatment method is primary and is perfect for young patients.

Previously, the opinion on Ortho-K lenses has been negative but no more.  Things were not so perfect and the technology was not so advanced. But today, the method has advanced and we are embracing computer technology to design the lenses.

People of all ages are good candidates of Orthokeratology treatment. The light press corneal treatment for seeing clearly is really one of the best innovative ways possible that recent ophthalmologists guarantee in terms of patients who suffer from myopia.

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