Importance Of Rural Sheds – Planning Of Space Before Setting Up

Any Australian farm in the countryside is incomplete without the rural sheds that can be utilized for cattle rearing, storage, godown and more. As the name suggests, these sheds are installed in the rural areas where large machinery, produced goods and the livestock can be kept safe and secured from theft and bad weather. The sheds can also be used to stock up the perishable goods for later use and exporting in different regions.   

Need of A Rural Shed In Countryside

Dairy and meat business owners, agriculture farmers and equine farm owners require rural sheds for different reasons. Rural sheds are vital for all of them. However, the following advantages are more or less applicable to everyone to run the farm properly.

Animals Safety

Probably the common yet vital reason for setting up rural sheds is to keep the farm animals safe in a space that is equipped with food and rest facilities. The shed can accommodate any type of animals and birds in a farm ranging from cows to mules, horses to goats, ducks and chickens to pigs. These sheds are customised in such a way that respective animals do not feel too confined and at the same time have a proper supply of food and drink. 

The animals and birds are thus safe from predators and thieves especially at night, and also adverse weather conditions.  

Storage of Food And Economic Products

The rural sheds can also be used to house perishable items i.e. the crops, bi-products, as well as animal food like hay, vegetables, food grains etc. As you cannot store bulk amount of these products in your house so therefore, storing these products in sheds near the farm will help you to access them easily whenever needed. The raw fruits, vegetables, greens and bi-products like dairy, meat, honey etc can also be stored with proper preservative measures and be used later either for consumption, throughout the year, or for export.

Housing Farming Vehicles And Machines 

It is next to impossible to keep your tractors, lawnmowers and other farming accessories safely unless there are rural sheds. The accessories and heavy vehicles used in farming or cattle rearing vary as per the crops you grow. Shaded shelter gives you facility to house all your farming vehicles and machines and be well assured that they will not wear out under adverse weather conditions. Also it allows easy accessibility and portability.

Dairy and livestock owners will also find it beneficial to have the carts and medical supply stocked up in the animal shed. This lets you to carry the food and waste materials seamlessly and treat the animals on the spot. In case of emergency too, the farm vehicles parked close by in the shed come handy in transportation without hassle.     

Temporary Workplace 

Be it processing your crops produce or preserving them, obtaining bi-products on site or keeping accounts – the rural sheds can let you work at ease and in comfort. Livestock and dairy farmers often have to spend long hours in the barn to deliver a baby or treating one or keeping a check on the injured ones. The sheds can be quite helpful if you make separate compartments for shelter and temporary workplace.     

Planning The Space for Rural Sheds

The materials used in the farm roof, walls and flooring depend upon the region you live in, the climate and weather changes and also on your budget. Steel and tin are often commonly used in roof and walls of rural sheds. In warm dry region, you can leave the floor uncovered, but in cold and rainy regions, you need proper wooden or tiled flooring. 

As said above you can make separate compartments in shed as per your requirement. A shed with one large compartment will be sufficient if you do not have animals but only farm products and some equipment to be stored up. Eventually, you can increase the number of compartments in the shed according to the number of animals, vehicles, machine and equipment and amount of raw and bi-products.

Durability is one of the main factors that needs to be taken into account while making sheds. Sufficient space is another concern because in case of increased livestock and products, you need to extend the shelter.

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