How to Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Bathroom

For many, their bathroom is the most luxurious part of the house. Several bathroom fixtures allow people to truly relax by making a bubble bath with scented salts after a long day at work. However, redoing the entire bathroom in a single go can put too much stress on your finances.

It is much wiser to select several bathroom fixtures and spruce them up in order to add the ultimate touch of luxury to your bathroom.

Installing Floor Heating

Apart from revamping the bathroom, people choose to renovate this room, because they want extra space. Modern urban apartments seem to be getting smaller and smaller so every square meter counts.

The most annoying thing in every bathroom has to be the presence of a cumbersome heating body. If you’re changing the floor tiles, then be sure to get rid of the radiator and go for floor heating instead.

It is fairly easy to install and its price is dropping by the year. Trust us, the feeling of stepping out of a hot shower onto a warm floor is incomparable.

A Wall-Mounted Towel Warmer

The only heating body that should make way into your bathroom should be a streamlined towel warmer. They are mostly wall-mounted and take up significantly less space than other types of heating bodies.

A towel warmer is ideal for use during winter when the underfloor heating cannot keep up with the chilling cold outside.

Wall-Mounted Towel Warmer

Not Just Any Plants

You have probably guessed by now that plants will make your bathroom more luxurious and airy. This is because a verdant and nurtured plant with blossoming flowers is a clear sign that the house is well looked after. However, due to high levels of air humidity in the bathroom, not every plant is suitable for this room.

The best plants for the bathroom are climbers and vines, as well as ferns. They have an air of opulence around them (pun intended) that will accentuate all the other luxurious fixtures you install.

The lucky bamboo is one such plant that is suitable to grow in your bathroom. It can grow in low-light conditions with either soil or water in a container. It’s an inexpensive, low-maintenance plant that you can use to enhance the beauty of your bathroom.

Going Natural

Apart from filling the bathroom with verdant plants, you should use natural materials for walls and floors. The thing is, you can mount a towel warmer and underfloor heating but if you cover them up with cheap ceramics, then you might have as well left everything as it was.

The tiles should be made from or at least partially combined with materials like marble, teak, river rock, and granite. These are all materials that are considered the apex of bathroom luxury.

Bathroom Renovation

Its Majesty, the Bath

Just as the sofa or the entertainment unit is the centerpiece in the living room, so is the bath the main future the whole bathroom revolves around. A new, high-end bath should be the first thing you select after you start redecorating the bathroom. Apart from quality, be sure to look for extra amenity features, like a Jacuzzi, or a jet massager.

Extremely popular today are bathtubs that are in level with the elevated floor. They are actually built inside the wall but this is neatly covered up with tiles you get the effect as if you were entering a swimming pool.

Since the design usually includes wood or imitation of wood, you should add a black waterfall bath spout into the combo. If you are having the bath replaced, you need to do the same with taps and spouts.

Let the Sunshine In

In many residential designs, the bathroom is the position in the dead centre if the house, often without a natural source of light. There is nothing luxurious about a room full of darkness during the middle of the day. If you have the opportunity, be sure to create as many window openings as possible, including a skylight.

An abundance of natural light inside the bathroom is a true sign of opulence. In fact, if you own a house with a view, like a mountain lodge or a beachside villa, install a single-window pane that will turn your bathroom into a vantage point. Of course, make sure the bathroom is at least one story high and that you install some shades because of privacy reasons.

abundance of natural light inside the bathroom

Lux for Lux

Large windows are ideal for daytime use of the bathroom but after nightfall, you must rely on the artificial light source(s). The more lux you can generate, the more luxurious the bathroom will be. LED lights have long ago become a standard but they don’t necessarily have to hang from or be attached to the ceiling.

The vanity mirror can be decorated with a multicolored LED strip which does not cost a lot to purchase and it’s a DIY job to install it. Furthermore, if you’re after that “wow” effect, then LED lights that go into toilet bowls or bidets are the thing you need. They emit light so intense, that you needn’t turn on the light in the entire bathroom when you need to use the toilet at 4 AM.

All of the fixtures listed here have a single purpose: bathroom luxury. If you plan your budget carefully and install one improvement at a time, you will soon find yourself unable to recognize your old plain white bathroom. Remember, no matter what the rest of your house or apartment looks lie, the bathroom can always be made luxurious!

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