Real Estate Postcards Still Work! Why Realtors Shouldn’t Abandon This Practice

Postcards have been used since time immemorial to attract new clients for real estate businesses by sending out a word on available properties. When used well, real estate postcards can build a brand well and ask for direct responses and immediate actions from clients. They are also an excellent way to show a sense of professionalism to the clients as a way of building trust in your business.

There are different types of postcards that are used in production to achieve different results. Examples of these include proof of production postcards that state listed homes, just sold homes, open homes, and coming soon homes.  To add to the look of professionalism on the postcards, you can add your logo and your face together with testimonials that have faces. This proves that you are trusted by other people, giving you grounds for social proof.

How real estate postcards make a difference:

There is a lot of stiff competition in the real estate market and to beat your competition, you have to find ways for you to stand out from the rest.  These real estate postcards can be sent out to mailing boxes and also be presented in their digital forms all over social media platforms. Since there is a wide array of information that can be included in postcards, there is a huge potential to make a difference in your marketing strategy.

As you send out your postcards, you can choose to diversify your content into tips and tricks for people on buying the best properties. The information you give can also be geographically localized to give you an edge and recognition as an expert in that field. As more people begin to identify you as the real estate agent who knows the most about that area or topic, you will get more referrals.

How to make real estate postcards work for you:

Becoming a real estate marketing strategist takes time and playing the long game. There is rarely a silver bullet to shoot you into getting rich quickly. Instead, you slowly cultivate your network to see who you can reach and who they can connect you with. One of the best routes to use is the tried and tested method of using real estate postcards for your advertising.

To be successful in your real estate postcard advertising method, be sure to stay consistent in sending out your real estate mailing campaigns. You can send out your mail at a monthly schedule at the minimum. As you start, tame your expectations and instead focus on building a solid foundation that you can start from.  Also, be sure to use the variety of postcards mentioned above and keep them relevant to real estate.

The types of postcards to use vary from coming soon postcards, just listed postcards, just sold, under construction, open house, and automated seller valuation postcards.  You can also accompany your postcards with brochures for more information and more impact.  Be sure to keep your look consistent in all your mailings so that you make it easy for clients to recognize your brand easily.


The consideration for using real estate postcards is mostly for your close sphere of influence and when farming for listings and not necessarily instant buyers.  It may seem like an outdated and slow-paced process but then again, real estate marketing is about hitting the bull’s eye over and over until the board gives way. So keep at it and your consistency is sure to pay you back.

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